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    Name of the plugin : ItemCooldown, or what you want

    Category : Mechanics

    Basically, when you put a powertool command on an item, you can spam it.
    I want that, when you use it (number of use can be configured), it will disable command for a custom duration.
    When the cooldown is on, the amount of item changes.
    It start for example at 30 items and all seconds it changes (29-28-27...-1) and at 0 the cooldown is off.
    • /itemcooldown on <duration>
    • /itemcooldown off
    • /itemcooldown refresh
    It's a server with my friends, so I don't need permissions.

    If you want to use the plugin, please say "Thanks !" in the comments, so the creators will know that you use it.
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    I'm going to assume that by "powertool" you are talking about the Essentials powertool command. If that is so, this plugin is likely impossible because I would not think that Essentials would have a way of notifying other plugins before a powertool is used and giving them the ability to stop its use. This would only be possible if this plugin re-created the Essentials powertool command and added the cool-down.
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    Ok. Thank you for answering, if you have the time you can re-create powertool command not a problem.
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