Question Item breaks even with the region setted

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Rene WR, Jun 22, 2015.

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    Rene WR

    Hello everybody, yesterday I was setting the spawn area with / region not to build, but the people who was not administrator can break the frames with pick etc, just the image. What have I done wrong to this thing happening?

    note: they can not break any other block, as few as the frame and take the item within it, need it so you can not be touched to shop
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    @Rene WR
    Well, an itemframe is not a block, but a blockentity. This probably isn't set in the code and that makes people are still able to break itemframes.
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    You will likely need to hunt out a separate frame-protect plugin to deal with this specific problem, as stefvanschie says, its not considered to be a block so block protections wont cover it. The newest worldguard may have specific flags to set to deny itemframes, the older versions dont, but i think its usually solved by other external plugins..
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    Adding on to what Boomer said, I think you can actually deny the flag interact however you should definitely look at the flags and if not flags then a separate plugin.
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