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    I would simply love the idea of actually being able to go into a bar and get beer from an NPC on a multiplayer server, But since we don't really have NPCs worked out perfectly yet, i request a BEER MOD. Pretty simple when you think about it, Just yet another spawnable item could be added, BEER!
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    Is there a chance to get this in? A new item like Pistons? Beer Plugin would be so cool.
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    You can't do this with bukkit but you could probably buy fake beer or something instead from an NPC.
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    You would need a client mod to actually add the item to the game.
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    Would be great if a developer could pick this up and run with it to the point of being able to create stills and add beer as an item to the game. Who cares if you need a client mod, I know everybody on my server would be more than happy to put it on to be able to get tanked on minecraft!
    @nisovin, your mod is a step in the right direction ;D
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    If you modded the client, you could configure a GLSL shader to blur the screen when you're drunk. But that's just dreaming far beyond anyone would be willing to do.
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    You could also make it automatically activate the F8 function - making the camera slower :p

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