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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Insain, Jan 21, 2011.

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    Current Status of Plug-in: Pre-Alpha Test v1

    Well here it is a long awaited shop for Iconomy this plugin will utilize the Iconomy system. This is a sign shop type shop plug-in that allows admins to set up shops in areas and will allow players to buy items from them for X amount of money

    What this Dose?
    • This plug-in will allow Admins to set up shop signs in any area preferably a protected area.
    the following format used would be​

    Whats to come
    • A Sell system Admins can set up shops that will Buy Users items!
    • integration of a Auction system
    • better handling
    Known Issues
    • Can not use Item name on sign as item names can OverLap the Sign Length.
    • Any player is able to Set down a sign due to an issue with Bukkit and Signs Bypassing a OnBlockPlaced Event(hopefully fixed soon).
    1. Finish Sell system
    2. Make Auction system
    3. create special encryption so only admins know what to put to activate a sign
    Current coding of the system is ruffly 90% done and is stable if enough people Request i will release but be warned due to the issue pointed out above there is a exploit till that issue gets fixed​

    Before you down load i take no resposibility if this Screwes over your Economy this is a Very Pre Alpha Version Public Test Version This Version ONLY runs with Iconomy v2.1 NOT 2.2 as i have not played with the permissions system yet

    DropBox Download
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    Can't wait to see this mod finished! :)
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    Just wondering if this is going to support a stock, for a fixed amount or just a set position global market?
    And you say Admin only, is the long term thought of this to allow players to set/run their own shops by setting prices on the signs, set stock, remove stock, and so on.
    I understand its being devoloped, but just having signs that admins can set up is just global shops, Any chance you could foresee this including player driven shops to buy and sell from each other?
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    Thank you!

    Not to throw you off or anything but instead of coming up with a super secret way for admins to only be able to use signs, wouldn't it be easier to let player use signs and admins use some kind of text based official admin shop since they can get to the config files.

    I know this is how it was done before and if you just feel like doing it a different way that's cool too :p
    Ill be happy with anything lol
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    Looking forward to this! Thank you
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    issue with that is at this time its harder to do then thought becuase of the sign bug and they bypass the OnBlockPlaced so i can not prevent players from say setting up a shop that give them 64 diamonds for 1 gold
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    RELEASE. now please :)
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    Maybe there is a way to verify is the player has the items to sell in inventory? And if so, remove them?
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    how about making the placement of signs that are shops tied to a command sort of like super pick in world edit you type /command and then can place store sign.
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    Release! :D
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    Pre Alpha Public Test Build is out for Testing Need Feed Back
  12. I'll test. How do I make this work?
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    Cool plugin

    As a suggestion, could we have it like the old icomony ( which had it so players could place signs but also had to stock them.
    so they would place the sign (with item id amount and cost) then run "/sign stock (ID) (Amount)"
    and it would deduct that many items from the users inv
    heres a videso that sort of explains it
    the only change id like to this would be admins being able to place a sign with username: Server
    that has inf stock

    that way its possible to have user trade in addition to server trade (for things like nether stone and other unobtainable materials)
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    So I tested it out with icomony 2.2 and I set up a few signs and they all worked great.
    im using build 159
    Thanks keep up the good work
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    Once the permissions is sorted expect an install and donation from Lucky Kingdom because we really need the physical server shops! Keep up the great work mate!
  16. hows it coming?? looks awesome about to install, or atleast try:D
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    This currently doesn't work with the latest iConomy. You may run into a few problems using the old iConomy that this thread suggests. The plugin works great so far and I'm sure we will see another release soon :)
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    Request for alternative shop sign input:
    Place sign
    /ishop <Shop(CaseSens)> <id|name> <amount> <cost>
    Left click sign to update it with information.

    This eliminates the cumbersome task of looking for id's and allows for custom information on the sign.
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    Good to see somthing like this comming along, though a bummer the hook that'd be used to check is bypassed.

    On the feedback side though, could use of the signs be limited to someone with the proper permissions node( falling back to ops.txt if not installed of course).

    I like the idea of having the text directly on sign for who it goes to ect. but I think it'd be more easily managable through targeting of the signs (one could use, for exampe, /sshop info to see the shop value and recipient and /sshop add /sshop update would be used to set prices). I know SignEdit (a plugin that allows remote sign editing and colored text in signs) works really well with the targeting system, and it also checks the break/destroy hook for removed signs to pull id's when they are removed.
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    you should have it to where a player would fill a chest behind a wall with stuff, and it would draw stuff out of that chest.
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    Please make this to use the newest iConomy. :)
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    Any Updated on iConomy 2.2? =D
  23. hows it coming?
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    Please finish this ;(
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