Is a good host?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by owenftw, Jan 11, 2012.

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    I know this isn't bukkit related but the server will be using xD

    Memory limit (RAM) :[​IMG]
    5 GB Disk Space ( + an extra 5GB am paying for )
    A 5GB web hosting with a 50MB mysql database

    Not sure about there specs or anything but has anybody used them or heard good things about them?
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    I've heard of them. I don't remember what it was but I didn't seem to like them. I've suggested and to many, many people. I am yet to hear disappointment. If the price range seems low, go for a dedicated server with If you need a discount on MCLayer, tell me. :p
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    Erm, how can you have unlimited RAM? That makes no sense.
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    We now offer servers in NY as well as Phoenix. We'll have Dallas and Chicago servers up this week.
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    Might want to check this post out too. HERE I've convinced him on MCLayer. (I think.) But you need to.. seal the deal. :p
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    Replied. Thanks :)
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    I am running a VeryGames server, and it's really nice, not much lagg, you can have much of plugins, and you have Bukkit, really handy, and you can have Unlimited RAM, but then you have to pay 40 euro's (Don't know in Dollars) and then you have everything unlimited. RAM, Plugins, and the World is unlimited. So the conclusion: Yes, VeryGames is a really good host.
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    It can't be unlimited, because of the hardware!
    10Gb for a big world? Not enough!
    50mb database? Too small :p
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    Here's my observations after having Verygames for about 2 months now. The unlimited RAM is kind of bull. The server crashes with certain things that a server with like 16 GB wouldn't. Also, the language on the panel is horribly translated from French. Another thing is, there was no warning about this, but by default, they post your server on a public list, so random french people kept joining my server, and I had no idea what they were talking about. It's annoying. There is also horrible file editing and FTP access. Beastnode has been the best service I've had so far. And right now, there is obviously a big update, but EVERY TIME I load the verygames page, there's a HUGE red alert FLASHING AND FLASHING AND FLASHING while I was trying to do stuff on the page. I already read the alert and no longer needed it. That's the biggest issue I've had with VeryGames: they don't seem to know that you don't want to see something 50,000 times when once is enough. Another thing is, I sent in a support ticket for things I was having trouble with, like legit things, and the people seemed very rude to me, and treated me like I was stupid for not knowing those things. I'd recommend Beastnode.
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    I have had VeryGames for a while now, about 3 months. I have got to say, it is a pile of shit. What you would expect from buying from them is a console, but they don't even give you a damn console. So, when my server permissions file went down and I needed to give myself the * permission, there was no way to do that. Thanks VeryGames. Also, the Unlimited RAM is complete and absolute bullshit. Every 3 minutes it spams me with "Your server is using 137% of its ram. Expect your server to be stopped shortly." Which pisses of my players, gets me to look unprofessional, and is not helpful whatsoever. We switched from BeastNode, but I really want it back. I'm paying $50 a month for this pile of shit server renting site and I want it all back. I would NOT RECOMMEND VeryGames. Score? 2/10. The only thing good about it is...oh wait, there's nothing.
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    I want to know if verygames is a good host if you only have like 6-8 slots
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