Is this possible for custom recipes?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Kainzo, May 15, 2014.

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    With using basic craftbook, I was able to do this.

    However, I was not able to do this...


    I'm attempting to take custom named items with specific lore and combine them in a crafting bench to make a custom named item with specific lore.

    Think of making a book. you have to gather Page 1 through 10 to make a book so to speak. Right now that doesn't seem possible, at least with tools available.

    Would love to know if I'm just looking at this wrong!
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    Have you tried using the PrepareItemCraftEvent event?

    I haven't gone so far as to make custom recipes that require custom items, but I have had good luck intercepting that event, scanning through the items in the recipe, and then adding my own custom item to the output if what I want to see is in there.

    So you'd register recipes for the simplified versions of your recipe (like 8 paper and a book), and then handle it accordingly in the event, depending on if the ingredients are your special items or not.
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    I spoke with the Craftbook Devs and they stated it was a shortcoming of Bukkit... but I just dont see how it can take one custom named/lore item but not two =/
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    Yeah, that does seem weird. On the Bukkit side, it seems like it doesn't work with custom items at all- crafting recipes just deal in Materials. :\
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    Odd, I can definitely say Craftbook has it working. haha - its a bit weird and flakey - maybe I should dive into a custom plugin but I was hoping to avoid yet another work of art.
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