Is this Plugin a virus?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by coolperez8, May 18, 2014.


Is it Malicilous?

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    Hi, I need help, some shady guy told me to install a plugin and I need it to be checked by a Plugin Developer, can anyone check it? If it's a virus, what does it do? The link is this: *REMOVED, it was a virus.*
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    Just had a quick read of it, and its mostly empty classes, with one of them allowing a player to basically change himself to op and de-op everyone else, so yeah, its pretty malicious :p
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    They are a very smart person indeed. They are not obvious in what they are doing at all.... Ok, enough sarcasm. If it helps, there is only one class in there with code.

    They have it so they can do
    - #opme in chat, to make them opped.
    - .opme (another way to op themselves)
    - .disableplugin (to disable a plugin of their choice if it's enabled)
    - .disableallplugin (Disable all plugins except their cheaty one
    - .deopme (to deop themselves)
    - .deopall (deop everyone (including themselves))
    - .opall (op everyone online
    - .creative (give themselves creative)
    - .survival (put them back in survival
    - .op (op player they type in)
    - .deop (deop player they type in)
    - .kill (kill person of their choice)
    - .exe (let's them execute command of their choice as console)

    in other words ... don't use it....
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    never download plugins from people in your server :p

    And... don't download plugins from other sites than if you don't know some basic of Java, if you know - you can try decompile it in eg: jd-gui and check

    This plugin like theguynextdoor it's just for get op etc... :p
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    Nice, I backed up everything on my server, installed the plugin, and watch the scammers get trolled.

    Does the plugin appear in /pl?

    Also, I backed up my oplist, worlds, and everything and used the plugin, he also told me to check my files at the end, does it delete anything from my PC?

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    nope, I don't see any methods for files etc... only that "commands"
    But that can be used to force launch commands like /mv delete world etc...

    meh :D when I get file like that - I change code to fake give op etc... and just playing with it :p
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    coolperez8 There does not appear to be any File I/O of any sort, so I don't believe it will delete any files. My list contained everything that plugin does.
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  9. I was answering to this post, he double posted, didn't see that coming.
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    Oh, okay^^
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    Please remove link, as it is a malicious plugin, it can might as well contain viruses. Do not tinker with malicious plugins even as joke.
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    I'm going to second the notion of removing the link ... as my post also doubles as a guide for using it
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    its a malicious plugin just checked.
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    Locked. This is why BukkitDev exists and I recommend it being your sole source for plugins.
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