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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by honam1021, Jan 11, 2012.

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    I got a change to get a racked server for cheap,is it good enough to run a Minecraft server?
    2X AMD Opteron 254 CPU
    4 GB DDR 333 (Can be updated to 8 GB DDR 400)
    40 GB hard drive (Supports SATA-II and ATA 133)
    10/100/1000 Internet connection
    How many players can I get?
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    Nathan C

    That CPU is pretty old... so I would say about 15-20, maybe 25 if your lucky, but that would be pushing it and would have lower TPS for sure.
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    The CPU should be fine.

    The RAM looks fine.

    The HDD is tiny.

    10/100/1000 isn't a rating of speed, it's the hardware network device's specs. Is this colo, home or rented? What price?
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    Listen to Nathan, he's right.
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    That RAM is really old. Most new computers you buy will have DDR3 1333 or more, the speed on that will be really bad.
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    is that real/effective clock speed?

    You should try upgrading your ram to a higher DDR, that will significantly increase your ram speed.
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    I will update if I get the money,is the server good enough for 25 players with 8 GB DDR 400?

    It is a 1U racked server,I will get a SSD if I have money.The price is 5$ (It is an auction,no one interested at racked server,I think I could get it at the starting price.)

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    You know that 300 Mhz RAM on DDR1 sucks bawlz right?
    Take a look at , they have awesome prices :) With good RAM. Not this.. this.
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    Where will you put it?
    Remember rack servers are really loud beasts. You can't keep it in a room and still expect to work or sleep there.

    Also, if you're hosting it at home, is your internet connection sufficient?
  10. Good enough for 30 people. Ram speed isn't an issue. 2.8 GHz dual core should handle a decent amount of players and it would be a good enough to get things going.
    However the 1U machines are like Vhab said loud up to the point that I don't find them viable for home use. If you can keep it stored somewhere for little to nothing I would say go for it. Or use another case and get a normal cooler (as in no ultra low profile with extremely noisy fan cooler). If you can get it for 5 bucks I would do it too.
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    If you can really get that for $5 then I want one also.

    Where are you finding these so cheap? Even with the age of the hardware, $5 is cheap.
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    In my bedroom,which is the only place I can put it.I will update to 100 Mbps if 30 Mbps isn't enough for 30 players

    I found it on a local auction company(Not in US),and I converted the price to US$.

    One more question,which aftermarket heatsink company sells coolers for server processors?

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    As cheap as it is, you'll regret it if you end up putting it in your bedroom.
    1U servers are incredibly loud. You won't be able to sleep in the same room.

    Also, it's your upload speed that matters.
    Consumer lines generally only have a few mbps upload.

    But all things considered, if you can get it for $5, it's a nice toy even if you can't put it to its intended use.
  14. every company basically a good one for instance is a Scythe Shuriken rev B however those things don't fit in a 1U server. But just get the thing, look at the mobo, take measures of it and you know what type of motherboard it has. and just use another case for it. It will most likely be EATX which is 305mm by 330 mm. You can find dozens of cases that can handle EATX fine. getting them new from 40 bucks but heck look around and you can probably get one for free. Same goes for the cooler.
    All things said no matter what you do with it, can be a great ghetto project running a minecraft server just from donated/cheap parts. Heck I have 2 servers made from old/cheap stuff.
    A Trackmania Nations and OpenTTD server running on a old AMD Athlon XP 2400+ and 1,5 GB ram. And a Minecraft Server on an AMD E-350 with 8 GB Ram (which is also used as a web, mail, FTP server and HTPC) The CPU of the E-350 is limiting me on 5 people but it still makes a great machine to toy with and test new stuff on.
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    It is good enough to rent it to someone to get money for starting the server.
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    A server on outdated hardware on a consumer line?
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    30 mbps upload will handle 30 players, i was able to handle upto 20 players with 1.5 mpbs :O but it did lag a LITTLE, and had to lower player slots
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    I mean I would like to host a MC server for someone to get some money to advertise my server.(I have my own pocket money but I can't use them online)
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    Nathan C

    30 mbps upload will handle 100 about..
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    lol, just wondering who bothered to build a 4 gig ddr 333 much less gonna do 8 400s? Specs are ancient, HD at 40's fine if you're dedicating a server, but specs are still ancient. As for network speed, calculated about 1 megabit per player optimal, course you can always make do with less.
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    I know what you meant.
    However it's very unlikely to find someone willing to pay you to host their server in such sub-optimal setting.
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    I just want to earn $1-10 per month for advertising.How about vanilla?

    I would like to rent it to players from asia
    Speed test results:

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    Not too great, my Internet is like 3x that..
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    yea but his the server he's connecting to is 2300 miles away,

    and he was asking if he could handle upto 30 players, i wasn't saying the maximum the internet can handle..
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    Nathan C

    Cool, well 100>30 so....then that would still answer his question.
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    10mbps/5mbps is enough for 50+ slots (assuming you don't get DDoS'd, which I somehow have become a magnet for abusers). A single player uses very little in terms of network bandwidth.
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