Is there any good way to switch between multiple accounts?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by SaxSalute, Mar 31, 2014.

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    I'm testing my arena plugin and for testing 3v3 I need to have 6 accounts running. Is there a good way to handle multiple logins?
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    A griefing client perhaps?
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    Do you know of any? I didn't even know that was a thing. Being an ass is not really my area of expertise.
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    There are multiple, but you may would want to look into another method if you want to discuss it on this forum. Modded clients aren't supported on these forums.
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    It needs to be a modded client/launcher for sure. I actually might make one now that I think about it. I do a lot of testing with multiple accounts at once, and have been annoyed how the new launcher handles it.
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    It would be great if somebody made a dev launcher just focused on a few small things like robust account management and maybe even multiple games in one container window.
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    It is possible to run multiple clients with the default launcher, but it's not particularly graceful.
    1. Make a profile for each account and have each account already logged into its profile.
    2. Possibly optional, possibly required: Set each profile with its own data directory.
    3. Log into one account with its own profile.
    4. Open up launcher_profiles.json in your Minecraft data folder.
    5. Change the selectedProfile value to the name of the next account's profile and save.
    6. Open up new instance of launcher and log into profile for the selected account.
    7. Repeat previous two steps until your system is sufficiently overloaded with running clients (or until you run out of viable accounts to use).

    Don't mind the de-weird-typoing edit.
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    mojang login procedure is 30 lines, you can write forgebased mod to switch names in notime if you really want to.
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