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    What the Game do is : it's like tnt run but not on sand or ... it's on like emerald , diamond , iron , .... and every kind of a block gives you a oint or what ever it's
    like emerald = 7 points diamond= 6 ponts ....
    There's a video link below if u didn't understand :D :D

    Hi :D before I do the information for a new plugin I will ask first is there a plugin for this game or should I just ask for a new plugin looks like it ?
    the name in the server is: point runner
    it's in this server : <removed>
    this id a video for it :

    Plugin category: ?

    Suggested name: ?

    What I want: ?

    Ideas for commands: ?

    Ideas for permissions: ?

    When I'd like it by: ?

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    Well, don't use the format if you fill ALL the gaps with '?'.
    Then most people won't watch a video or join a server to see the plugin in action, since you could just write what the plugin does.
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    Not really hard to especially because i already have a tntrun plugin and it is not really hard to transform it into that.
    I will do it.
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    ok :D I will edit it :D?
    you will do it ? you mean you are gonna do that plugin :D ? for me :') :D ?
    If yes : do I have to put commands and permissions ? or u will do it your self ? :D ?
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    I will choose the name and commands by myself. I will put a link to dbo here when the plugin will be ready.
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    I forgot to ask :D
    when it's gonna be done ? :D
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    IDK, but that won't take much time, so i think it will be finished in a week.
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    Hi guys i think you are very generous of doing it Shevchik. It seemed like a good mini game for me and i would like to have it in my server too so can you please tag me when you give the link?

    oh and one thing could you PLEASE add items rewards to it?? Thanks Shevchik

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    Almost done. Already started testing on my server.
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    first thanks ! for the plugin . really :) ! I am just waiting for the plugin to be .. what ever ..
    So while you are here ,
    for real I don't remember If I can do it or not but , on my server I have the alias /hub to get the leave games !
    About your plugin = tntrun . when I write /hub it doesn't do anything ! it doesn't even say I can't write that command !
    But I think I remember that it was working before ... !
    so is there a way that you can add like = white-list commands ?
    and if I can't in the pointrun plugin can you add that too ? :D
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    You can't use any commands while in game except the vote and leave ones, and i won't change it.
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    :( but you won't change anything just add a place that we can add white list commands ?

    and shlomok the link up there ^

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