Is there a way to turn blocks into dirt when they are placed?

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Michiman, Feb 29, 2016.

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    There is this glitch on a modded server where when you put a conveyor belt on a certain item it can dupe.

    Is there a plugin that makes it so when you place the conveyor belt on another the block it will turn to dirt or a different material?
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    @Michiman You'll have to report this to the mod developer, I don't think we can help you.
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    Well we can fix the glitch we just need to make it so when the conveyor belt is placed on top then the block will turn to dirt. I think it could be done in a plugin using ids
  4. @Michiman when a player places a block, get the block placed, then set it to dirt.
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    I can try to make one, sorry if this is a stupid question but would i use an event to get the placed block? Or would i just check if the block is above the other block then turn it to dirt?
  6. @Michiman well I don't know how the glitch occurs. Just check to see if the glitch would occur or not.
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    Liam Townsley

    I am sorry, I do not think Bukkit can solve this as it is not a registered as a block unless we can add it to the Libary/Build path and create a bridge and use that.
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    @timtower might know if this is possible or not
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    Unless the item has a name that can be checked with bukkit there is no way to tell what block is being placed since it isn't in vanilla minecraft
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    I stay away from modding combined with Bukkit so no.
    In my opinion this is something for the mod developer.
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