Is there a way to block creeper explosions but not tnt explosions?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Typical_Name, Jun 12, 2012.

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    Some players suggested to me that we should block creeper explosions, since they continually damage the terrain around populated areas.

    However, I want creepers to still be able to damage players, and I want tnt to function normally.

    Is this possible, or is it impossible to separate creeper explosions from tnt explosions?
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    Yes. WorldGuard can do this. I use it and it's amazingly customizable.

    Also - I use Towny and it has a land regeneration feature. When a creeper blows a hole in the world the hole slowly regenerates over a set amount of time, it's really cool.
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    Yeah, I didn't realize before that worldguard could separate the two like I was asking XD. Thanks.

    Towny's explosion repair feature wouldn't have worked because it also repairs tnt damage, from what I recall. No point in using tnt if everything just repairs itself.
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    You can use creepercontrol as well. there's no properties or anything to change. Just stops creeper's from blowing up blocks, users however still die.
  5. WorldGuard, Nuff Said
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    Creepercontrol is simple and lightweight. My players love it!
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