Is there a catch to OVH hosting? Too good to be true

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Kabino, Mar 2, 2013.

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    Recently I've been thinking about switching hosts and I came across OVH, with some of the best deals on dedicated servers I have ever seen. Take a look for yourself:

    Before I jump in and buy one, I want to make sure there isn't some catch to there. Are the CPUs good for hosting? I was looking at the $59.00 one which caomes with an Intel i5 3750s 3.1GHz processor and 16gb of ram. Would this be sufficient for ~75 slots, if not more? Or what about the $89.00 package that comes with an Intel E3 1245v2 3.4GHz processor and 32gb of ram?

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
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    Adam Shefki

    I would be interested in seeing responses to this just because I'm contemplating moving to a dedicated server, myself, and this doesn't look half bad.
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    OVH is one of the biggest server selling companies out there. I heard somewhere they have more servers than google.

    But yes, they are very good.
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    There is a 19% not-included VAT. So the servers are a bit more than listed.
    LiLChris said that the support isn't the greatest either.
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    Personally have the SP 3 at BHS (Their Canadian datacenter), no issue since I got it. I got other dedicated servers in their France datacenter without issue too.

    cMan_ There's no 19% since it's the US/CA website ;)
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    I see. For those prices however, would be better. 50 Euros Inc. VAT for 16GB i7 2600
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    cMan_ Oh wow, that is really cheap.
    I've been thinking about getting one of their servers too, but I simply do not have the money for it.
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    I've never hosted with them, but I know people that currently do. Looks like the best bang-for-buck servers you can get.
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    I had nothing good to say about OVH France when I ordered 3 servers from them a little over a year ago to try for a few months.
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    I run with OVH and I have a 32 GB SSD Server. They're good.
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    I've been with Hetzner for tons of years. Decent support, not all too much downtime, etc.
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    Good hardware, dodgy network, support can be a bit slow.
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    Canada is much better than the French branch.
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    One should be careful when choosing OVH. Frequent spammers come from their ISP services. As a result, whole DNS numbers are banned by many companies including AOL, AT&T, and Verizon, just to name a few U.S. companies that put them in the honeypot. One site has them referenced for 32 incidents withing the last few hours alone.
    If you have a shared ISP, you will also be banned if someone sharing that ISP is spamming. That means email from your domain will be banned. It is a real chore to get your site unblocked if the whole things is blocked. Even then you might be unsuccessful.
    So, if you want people to register at your site to receive updates and notices, those companies that have banned OVH won't let the emails through to their customers. They don't care if the customer wants them or not.
    Before you choose a hosting company, ask for a list of DNS numbers and check them out to see if they are registered as spammers.
    Further, OVH ignores emails from companies reporting spammers. So, if someone starts spamming your site and you report it to their [email protected] email address, don't expect a reply and don't expect it to stop. They don't care. They just want your money. It's no skin off their nose if you are banned. Heck, most people don't even know they are banned by this company or that.
    You are always better off choosing a hosting company within the legal jurisdiction where you live. If you don't you have no recourse should they not provide appropriate services.
    Lastly, you get what you pay for when it comes to internet hosting companies. Do your research and pay a fair price.
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    I allowed TXN's post due to it being very informative, for those wondering.
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    This topic should really be closed as not constructive. Where there is a company as large as this, there will be people on both sides of the fence. I love Windows, others dont. I hate paypal, others love it. In the end, it becomes a pointless flame-fest.
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    Its always useful to see what others think though, i know your point, but if i went for hosting with someone, i would want to know what others think about it.
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    I have a server from OVH located in canada, and its great. Support usually responds within 2-5 hours, which isnt bad. Have never experienced any problems whatsoever.
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    I've used OVH. Not the best network or support from my experience, but very cheap and solid
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    I guess we all have different opinions on different products, and that's totally acceptable. However, my opinion about OVH is that they're one of the top companies. If you live in UK, you get easy phone support, where they resolve your problems within minutes, it's nothing complicated if you know what you're doing, plus they're not expensive.
    The only tricky thing is; The security they provide when ordering a product from them. In my case, I had to send them (via email) copies of Passport as well as my Driving License. They needed to have proof of my name and address ?(If I remember correctly) So that took around a day. Also, in UK, there's additional +20% of VAT which isn't added to the price displayed on the website. I tried to be smart and bypass the VAT, but no luck, with the proof needed for them to process the order (passort and driving license) they redirected me to UK office. :(
    So yeah. Overall my experience with OVH was really good, and I would recommend it to anyone.

    Not true. I ran IP.Board, Xenforo and even wrote my own php script for my website to send emails and it was successful, with correct set-up, you'll get emails.

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    OVH is fair enough. Their support is bad, but their server hwardware is good. The only issue I've had is with their pre-loaded operating systems. Best to install your own somehow.
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    nope I used that 32gb SSD package for 1 year and it was completely fine, trust me go for it!
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    ovh is a good host, but if you do some research you will find out that alot of public ssh keys where leaked a time ago so you need atleast protect your server really good or what I did unistall CopSsh completely and installed a firewall.

    when I rented my first dedicated server at ovh clean installed I saw in taskmanager under active users a few people active first of all I thought they where staff members or techniques from the datacenter it self, but they where hackers.

    I didn't know how they where entered at first but it seems a ton of ssh bots attempt to crack into your dedicated server they will attempt to use the public ssh keys which where leaked, they will installing binaire irc clients and distribute illegal software/games or even install rootkits and create your server slowly into a part of a botnet (a common lag problem I read from other mc servers running at ovh) thats why you need secure it very well.

    ive installed my operated system alot of times there and it seems the bots are allready logged in as a other account soon as the installation is finished so be aware of that.
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    xize - Wow... You were using copssh? Did you have a windows server with them? Also can you change the ssh keypair wouldn't that solve the issue? I'm a bit of a noob, so sorry if the questions are stupid.
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    I currently use OVH

    No real problems here
    (other than the fact that I have a payment due in 7 days :/ )
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    At the time I didnt know I had any ssh, copSsh is installed on their windows server image, I think changing the public key but also the private one is really important I never tried it myself I just unistalled copSsh and installed outpost firewall when I reinstalled the whole os because I had around 3 - 5 hackers active.
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    xize - Why windows vs a linux distro like debian, ubuntu, or centos? If you just changed the ssh keys cant you stop people from gaining access? It's supposed to be reasonably difficult to brute force your way with ssh...
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    You could stop easily those bots when you changed it, however ovh pre installs copSsh on windows server which I didn't know at that time, I use remote desktop as standard protocol so I never did something with ssh, but because copSsh is pre installed, even when you installed a fresh image you need direct clean the bots remove all their accounts its a bit a fight towards the clock honest:p
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