Is Spoutcraft safe????

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by DarkKiller13, Oct 19, 2011.

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    will spoutcraft steal my login info? im really wanting to start using it but thats stopping me from doing so. so is it safe or will spoutcraft steal my login information?
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    Client-side mods CAN steal your login details. In fact, they can do just about anything. Spoutcraft? Well, it's an extremely well-known mod, used by a lot of people, so it's very unlikely.
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    ok thanks, if i get the same response from one or two more people then hello spoutcraft :p
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    if you really want you can go through there code as it is all open source
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    i dont know what to look for, im not smart enough xDD i know how to set up a server and get plugins in it, thats about it haha.
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    Yeah, it's perfectly safe, It just checks to see if your login info is correct via
    If it was unsafe, I'm sure we would know by now, seeing as it as hundreds of thousands of downloads.
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    ty well then, hello spoutcraft :p
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