is setTarget(LivingEntity) broken?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by iliasdewachter, May 12, 2013.

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    Simple question: is setTarget(LivingEntity) broken?
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    Simple answer: yes!

    Since the new pathfinding AI, the setTarget() method does no longer work in most situations.
    There are some mobs which still don't use the new pathfinding (Pigzombies and Blazes(?) I believe.).
    But most of them do.
    From what I can say, changing the target of an entity that has already targeted something is very unlikely to work.
    I don't know how to manipulate the target of an entity reliably now.

    Using a creatures "navigation" to get it to go somewhere seems to be possible. But things like "don't attack that entity anymore" or "follow that player" are a problem now.
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    Yeah, you're right, pigzombie does work, thanks :p

    When should this be fixed?

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