is it true bukkits going down?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Niknea, Oct 27, 2012.

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    Eh, no they're not. Mojang is making their own, which will be the official one.
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    well it does look like minecraft wants to be more like bukkit for all we know the modding api might work just the same for all we know you will be able to take a bukkit plug in and drop it in and it will work in the new minecraft modding api scary thought..but either way bukkit will no longer be alone with a plug in folder just a drag and drop system..which in any case will not be good for bukkit an official api versus a after market api
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    Bukkit isn't illegal.
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    If bukkit WAS illegal, why would they show up at minecon?
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    Alright internet experts, relax. How about everyone just stop thinking like they know everything there is to know about legal and Bukkit matters. If you have any real questions that don't pertain to the overall topic of this thread then please, feel free to make a different thread.

    To clear things up: Bukkit, is not illegal. Spout, is not illegal. Bukkit operates under Mojang and Spout uses Bukkits open source licence agreement to create their own server modifications. Even when Bukkit operated without Mojang; leader Evilseph asked direct permission from the company to begin the creation of a Multiplayer server mod that would change the Minecraft experience. If you are unsure what a Open Source Agreement or license is: Wiki

    Bukkit is not, at this very moment, not facing anything that may potentially end it's reign. Spout leader, Afforess, believed that Bukkit was going to die but he isn't certain. (as he did mention in that post). All in all Bukkit does not, to my knowledge, show any signs of termination. At this very point in time.
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    Couldn't find the jeb post, but the second one you linked makes me want to ask this...

    Why are you so willing to believe and OPINION on some webpage (which is false) and completely UNWILLING to believe the people from the source right here at bukkit?

    The information about the legality of bukkit is availiable. Do some REAL research and come back with your findings, please.

    EDIT : Half of me wants to post the youtube video of "the earth is really growing" and claim it to be proof that it's true... seems fitting here. rtanic, you are either a glorious troll or simply the most self-blinding researcher of all time.
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