is it possible to get an IP in-game?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by okami888, Mar 8, 2011.

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    Okay. This is my first post ever on this forum or for that matter on the internet.
    what i am trying to figure out is if it is possible to get the IP of a player while playing the game itself and not from the server client.
    Back story:
    I had just setup my brand new server with bukkit (all hail) and started running world guard alongside permissions. my server is set to offline mode because some of my friends are in the process of buying the game or have to get money together I myself have paid for the game, anyways,
    While i was away from my sever Someone got the bright idea to use the cracked version of the game to log in as about 14 different player names until he eventually used my name, endowing the bum with all the commands and abilities of the Admin (basically everything under the sun) he banned everyone after some screwing around and greifing. at this time 3 Moderators were on battling against this guy but eventually lost now i have started fiddling with IP banning and came up with the idea that i am sure many others may have thought of "what if the Moderators were able to get the person's IP they could then IPban and be done with him" well i did alot of searching around and found nothing i was hoping if there is a command that i am missing or a plugin that i can use that will allow for this.
    All help would be greatly appreciated.
    the Admin of a ravaged server
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    use authorize to put a pass on accounts thus the guy wont be able to do as much damage? and theres the /ban-ip command ingame too
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    Read the server console - you'll see his IP - then you can ban him.
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    but does still ip ban them if you only have their name not the ip
    the idea is to be able to have Mod who does not have access to the server's console to ban a person by ip just by typeing in there name
    i think you missed what i am saying.
    i was hoping for some way to IP ban without the use of the console so that way i can leave it up to the Mods on the game at that time to take care of the problem
  5. I think you should use the whois command, which is part of essentials I think, just remember to give your mods permissions for that plugin also.
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    ok the server commands are here: ops
    you could use plugins like mcbans to block ips and ban users
    plugins like worldgaurd have single account enforcement
    wait did you say you allready have worldgaurd? Is it working correctly because it should inforce a single session per user although the modded account from the looks of it cheats around that.
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    Just to re-emphasize this, as you seemed to have skimmed over it: If you are running a public server with online-mode off, then you definitely need to get one of the authorize plugins, to avoid exactly this problem.
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    Sondre Berntsen

    Yes, the authorize plugin isn't that hard to use either, it's rather easy. And it's kind of awesome. But I'd suggest you have your friends buy the game as soon as possible because it's awesome and totally worth the money ;)
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    Thank you for pointing that out to me and sorry for being ignorant this along with /whois has made my life as an admin much easier

    thank you for telling me about this command it has given the Mods on my server alot more power with this thanks again!

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  10. you're welcome ;)
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