Is it possible to detect hacks on a player?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by gabrielmaennl555, May 9, 2015.

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  1. Hey, I want to try make a plugin that can detects a hack or a mod or anything like that, and if they do have something then it'll kick them and saying "Please use default client", so is this possible?
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    @gabrielmaennl555 It's possible but only when the player starts doing abnormal behavior. For a simple hack like a mini-map or a x-ray mod, it is impossible to tell from the start.
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    You could theoretically counter x-rays and any chunk-related hacks by simply tracking if the player requests the same chunk they're in multiple times. Other than that, I wouldn't know.
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    Yes it is for most cheats, for instance for the cheat allowing a player to hit others more times than possible, you will have to monitor the packets coming from the client and set a limit for them per second.
    For other cheats like fullbright there is no solution.
    Lastly for the fast hit thingy, you can spawn an invisible entity near the player every so often and check if they try to Damage it, then you're sure it's done by their client, (or some times by accident)
  5. @Cirno @teej107 @mine-care Ill try some of those, but is their a way the plugin can get their client, and get the jar that their using, and if its a hacked jar then kick them from the server?
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  7. But you can make a custom client easily that sends a chat message/custom packet to the server. When the server doesn't get the packet/chat message, kick the player
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    I don't think there's a way to force a client to send a packet, and even less of a chance for the server (that the client is connected to) will be able to understand or what to do with it.

    If it's not in the packet protocol, you can't. See here, I've had a question like this.
  9. @nbrandwine
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    Heh, I can't read.

    Yeah, maybe. Even so, I don't recall any clients that do this any more. Things like Metro uses GUI.
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    nothing stop from RE your client and sending same packet from nodus...
    or just capturing packet without any RE and just sending it...

    answer is NO.
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    Adding on this, you can use the Plugin Message Channel to send a message to the server (mods can do this), so if the client doesn't send it they aren't using this mod, of course, this will force all your players to need this mod to go in your server and it still can be faked easily.
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    Randomly ask players to say .help in chat, as most hacked clients use "." as a notification for it to do something? Idk tho. Also, it'd probably get annoying to non-hacking players
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    @SirMonkeyFood Some hacked clients have a ".say" command, which will show the chat message typed before, so they can do ".help" with ".say .help"
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