Is It A Rumor Or Is It True?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by danthonywalker, Sep 3, 2012.

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    I have heard and read that Bukkit will be discontinuing after the Minecraft API is implemented (which is currently set to 1.4 right now). Is this in fact a fact or is it just a unusual rumor? I know the Bukkit team is working with Minecraft on this system, but I didn't hear anything about Bukkit actually discontinuing once it's done.

    So is this in fact true or not? I'm not sure. Any answer would be great.
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    Is this spam? True.
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    We're not sure. I'm not even definite on what's going to be in the Modding API or not.

    My guess is that it will end up being similar to what hMod is right now (just a bit more popular). It'll go obsolete, although some will continue to use it.

    That's going to be a sad day for me. -_- I don't think I'll like the "Modding API Forums" as much as the Bukkit Forums...
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    The current plan as voiced by the "new Bukkit team", as well as EvilSeph, is to keep developing Bukkit well past the introduction of the official modding API. However, if the modding API meets the current expectations, I suspect the level of activity of the Bukkit community will drop and most developers will support the modding API first and Bukkit second (if at all).
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    Back when Tahg, Grum, Dinnerbone, and EvilSeph first joined Mojang, EvilSeph created a post detailing Bukkit's history and touched on its future, inasmuch as one is able to make such predictions:

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    I will never leave all mah BFFLS
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    The only way to get JOPHESTUS off the Bukkit forums would be to steal his computer
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    is it me or are you worried about the speed of the Mod API development I noticed the Git hasnt been touched for a month
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    Offtopic posts removed.

    Bukkit will remain as long as there is a need for us to remain. Every single modding group out there will be affected by an official API. How, exactly, will not be seen until the API comes out.
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    Thanks for the answers everybody. So I guess it's kind of a difficult and uncertain time for new and upcoming server owners since within the next patch all their setups and such will/might become obsolete. If the API will become better than Bukkit's (which is what EvilSeph says he aims for) that I see no reason for Bukkit to exist. Even if modders continue it, it's kind of better just to go along with the newer, official, and better system.

    I guess I will wait it out, I'm in no rush to start. Again, thanks for the answers!
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    Following that logic, there will be no reason for any mod or modding group to exist.

    After running a Minecraft server in one matter or another for about 2 years now, I can tell you honestly I feel no more uncertain today than I did a year ago, or a year before that. I am excited to see what the future will bring for Minecraft.
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    I've said this before, but:

    I personally think when the API first comes out it'll suck and it could be months before we get a version that gives us at least the same functionality as Bukkit currently has, if not more (really hoping for spout-like features (custom GUI's!)).

    I think it's best said in Java:
    1. if (workbench.getFunctionality() >= bukkit.getFunctionality() && hasAtLeastOneClientOnlyFeature()) {
    2. useWorkbench();
    3. } else {
    4. useBukkitForMonthsUntilWorkbenchIsFixed();
    5. }
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    To speak the truth, the original Minecraft server will be Bukkit, so that means that Bukkit will be totally reconfigured and re-modeled so it can be integrated into the Minecraft gaming experience. That means that Bukkit will be the official Minecraft Server, but I dunno about the website and support, since it would make no sense to have a website like this if the server would be Vanilla. :(
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    Bukkit will be around as long as it contains more functionality then the Modding API - like they said, Bukkit will exist as long as it's needed (and at this point, It's going to be needed for quite some time, the API development seems to be going slowly)
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    The qualification isn't really that, it's more like as long as Bukkit can help provide innovation and new ideas to Minecraft modding, it will be around.
    Please don't open with 'To speak the truth' and then proceed to tell everyone something that is completely untrue. Bukkit will not be the new vanilla server, if that was the plan it would have already happened. A new API is being developed and Bukkit will continue to function as a platform for discovering new ideas and new features for modding.
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    I think you java is off... you check for if workbench has MORE or Equal to Functionality then bukkit and you're choice is to use bukkit for months? (HINT: Invert the sign).

    To throw my hat into the ring on this I feel the API will not be the death of Bukkit, but will definitely drop some of the plugin development being done. My idea for how the scenario will play out is this:
    Basically, it will start off small cause no server will want to change quickly and lose everything its plugins do. And then eventually once the API catches up more and more people will be switching over, but their will always be the Old School mods that do more then the API allows. So feat not, Bukkit and other Mods/Teams will still exist.
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    why being worried? when the Mojang API is finished, we can just choose between bukkit or mojang, it's something extra, not a replacement. All the bukkit guys working for mojang now are already working for them since 1.2 (or 1.1?) and we still get bukkit updates.. so, why worrying?
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    Ah, yes.. in my head I was checking if the functionality of workbench is greater than or equal to the functionality of Bukkit. So that part is correct, I just need to flip the rest. :p
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