Is Bukkit right for me?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Gretel, Apr 29, 2013.

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    Hi all,

    I've been running a Tekkit server for a while and it was super fun, but it looks like Tekkit is no longer supported and has been replaced with Tekkit Lite...or something like that. Then there are other kits like FTB and probably tons more that I've never heard of. Basically I'm out of the loop.

    Here is what I want from my server:
    Able to keep up with official Mojang Minecraft updates
    Able to easily add and remove mods

    Now I know that Tekkit was just a modified Bukkit server but since it's obsolete I'm wondering if I should just run a CraftBukkit server or if there are any other good options that are well supported.

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    Few things I want to point out:
    • Tekkit is not a modded version of Bukkit, it's a heavily modded version of Minecraft.
    • I believe they stopped updating Tekkit Classic because they didn't get permission from the mod authors.
    But to your question, you should stick with Bukkit. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of plugins that I'm sure can do what you're looking for. However, if you choose to use mods, we cannot support you with them.
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    Bukkit is slow on putting out releases, but once there is a stable build installing and removing plugins, or mods, is quite easy.
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    beta builds should also be good enough for plugins, however not for mods.
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    Its both. The word is a portmanteau, Technology mods + Bukkit, get it? =)

    But to be clear, Tekkit is merely a "modpack", or a preconfigured collection of mods and software and a launcher to run modded Minecraft.

    To create it they just put together several components created by other authors. Not to downplay their work, because integrating a bunch of mods/plugins and getting them to work together nicely can be somewhat of a challenge. But it is merely a pack, you can put together something similar (or perhaps even better) by hand.

    Under the hood, the real magic is in a server developed by MC Port Central, which is based directly on CraftBukkit and includes enhancements to support Forge mods. MCPC was fairly popular during Minecraft 1.2, thousands of "ported" mods supported, and in fact, I'll bet you a sizable fraction of the thousands of servers still on 1.2.5 (2407 at the time of this writing) are running MCPC for this reason.

    Which may sound crazy, people still playing a version of the game released more than a year ago (on April 4th, 2012). Mojang has changed a ton in Minecraft since then.

    Probably the lack of MCPC for Minecraft 1.3 had more to do with it. This was sort of a "dark ages" for mods, the client/server merge killed quite a few.

    This is true, any support requests for modded MCPC servers should go to the MC Port Central forums not here. Even though MCPC+ (which currently supports 1.4 and 1.5) is derived from CraftBukkit it makes a ton of changes; these forums are only for support with "vanilla" CraftBukkit (with plugin support, not mod support).

    There is also a BukkitForge server worth checking out, it takes a different approach to supporting Bukkit plugins on top of modded servers. They have their own forums too for support.

    Up until a few days ago I would agree with you =) but the 1.5.2 update was impressively fast for Bukkit. Came out even before the official release. I think that's a first?

    For 1.5.2: MCP released first, followed by FML, but then CraftBukkit released a dev build before Forge (they both released a build on the official release date). Historically it seems Bukkit was among the last to update but they've been getting impressively quicker. Forge periodically updates for snapshots, which can allow faster release updates, perhaps we'll see official snapshot updates from the CraftBukkit team in the future? Who knows..

    Good answer :). Just to reiterate, if anyone has any problems or questions with these mods, you can get help on the MCPC forums, rather than these Bukkit forums. Hope this clears some things up.
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