Is Brohoster Netherrack tier going to hold around 100 players?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Wysie, May 28, 2011.

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    I want to know if seriously the Brohoster netherrack tier is going to hold 100 players.

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    Says that, but no where does it say any hardware stats.
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    It says they are:

    We run our Minecraft servers on boxes completely separate from other gameserver types to make sure everyone gets the best performance out of their servers. They are powered by Dual Intel Westmere X5675 Hex-Core 3.06ghz CPUs, 24GB of DDR3 RAM, a 1000mbit port, and dual Micron RealSSD 50GB SSD drives in RAID-1 via a BBU-enabled Adaptec RAID card. Best of all, they're hosted in Softlayer datacenters. Your average budget VPS couldn't come close to that much performance.

    2 x Intel Westmere X5675 3.06GHZ
    DDR3 Ram
    1000mbit Up and Down
    RealSSD SSD Drives

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    how much ram? thats important
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    Connor Griffin

    How can you possibly take that host seriously?
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    I take it seriously their numbers have never lead me astray before and I've used their servers on Lapis (first bought Iron) for quite awhile.
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    Nathan C

    No, they oversell to hell.

    If you want to host that many players, then purchase a dedicated server.
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    100 players on 4 gig RAM on a shared server?

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    You guys should really try them out before you start laughing. They did not become one of the largest Minecraft server hosters just out of some miracle. While I have no experience beyond what I am currently using (512MB for 16 players, Iron tier), I wouldn't doubt their numbers.
    Sure, it might not hold 100 players if you have a whole boatload of plugins. But if they suggest that it can hold 128 players. I would be pretty confident it can host 100 players with a larger than average number of plugins with absolutely no problems. (Problems with the plugins themselves is another issue, however.)
    I started off with their lowest cause I was skeptical at how their prices were so much lower than other gsps. And now I am at Iron.
    Wysie I even talked to you for quite a while in IRC a couple days ago. I am not too sure what is holding you back when they have a seven day refund? Just try it out? If you dont like, refund and move on. Would have taken less time than all this asking.

    EDIT: as an alternative, you can look into Multiplay. I have used their servers and have been pleased with them as well. The only limitation in my opinion is their plugin system. But with Multiplay, you can choose how much RAM you want on your server, above the set amount. So like with 100 players, they give you 5GB of RAM, but you can up that to 8GB.
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    I find that even despite the low ram they have, it just simply works. They do have their 7-day guarantee, so if you find it just doesn't work, just ask for your money back. There's no harm in trying.
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    Even IF they are that good, unless you use a very small map and almost no plugins, you wont get over 70-80 people at best.
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    They're not very good. I bought one of their servers, and it lagged and crashed constantly. I wouldn't go with them. I use Wright-Servers, I've been with them for a month and it's been great.
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    That means nothing. "Monkey See, Monkey Do" aka "Lemmings"; are common in all services especially one where people are desperate for the hardware they do not own.

    Fact: Minecraft servers that operate in the 30+ user range are literally 1% of the total servers out there. Check the multitude of sites and server listings and see how many are on in the top 5 and rarely do the top 5 all crest past 30+ users.

    Those sites over sell the service period. It is a gimmick and lie that is meant to make you as a Minecraft Admin have to work harder than me, also a Minecraft Admin. Because i know how a server performs with 65 plugins or 5 plugins or even just 2 or vanilla Minecraft or Vanilla Bukkit. And it is so easy to to pass up any and all of their ram tiers with just a hand full of users let alone the large number they claim they can hold. And the truth is that they can claim these numbers because they can be sure you are more than likely not going to enter that 1% of Minecraft servers that actually hit peak numbers. To use their servers you must do a song and dance of plugin choice and limitations of functionality based on the low ram ceiling, and poor memory performance of some plugins, including many Craftbukkit versions.

    Any admin of a busy robust server that offers a large variety of options for their residents will tell you that 3 gigs won't cut it for 40 users or ever 80 unless you are near vanilla.

    And more often than not, if you are with one of those rock bottom cheap Minecraft host services and you do Max our their server with 50-100 users, they drop you pretty quick, or you start have all kinds of odd issues, beginning with bandwidth, latency/lag and slow replies to your trouble ticket service calls.

    Real servers cost real $; And last I checked a couple weeks ago a: Intel Q9550 Core 2 Quad 2.83 ghz, 8 GIG Ram, 260GB HD, and 3000MB bandwidth ranged between $245 usd & $315 usd /month - dedicated - no shared anything.

    And don't let that Xeon, Hexacore, Octocore, "more muscle" fool you. Minecraft server is strictly clock cycle dependent. You can have 12 cores moving at 2.5ghz and the server with a Quad core 3.5 is blowing you away in performance. Extra cores are for you are extra utilities/services being run simultaneously on the server like MySQL, apache web server, and file navigation, and even web surfing when needed. Minecraft however will not benefit from all the extra cores - only the clock cycles of the CPU and RAM.
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    This thread is a joke, anyone that hosted a bukkit server once know that it wont work. Not with 4gb ram. Not on a shared host.

    Comom, I have a dedi, and my server holds 40. Ok, i have many plugins, my server is plugin based, i have plugins for everything, and heavy plugins. Even thou, without plugins at all, i doubt my dedi would hold 100,90,80,70 a shared one would hold even less players.
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    Interesting. What plugins do you run, if you don't mine my asking?

    My personal experience has been that the move from 512MB of RAM to 2GB of RAM (home hosted) made the world of difference when there were 5 players. That is with the plugins in my sig.
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    I think I'm in love.
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    Believe Brohoster.
    I am using a iron server, and it's very good despite it having low RAM. I can't go all out with my plugins, but it's so cheap that doesn't even matter.
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    lol Brohoster.
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    @MrPendulum - I could have 5 players online with basically what you are running using only 256RAM and it would work just fine. I'm now using 512MB because of their price change, but 512RAM is definitely more than enough for 5 players from my experience.
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    I've never had any problems with them. Though honestly, if you want that many players, you should probably rent a dedicated server.
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    Or maybe you should buy a dedicated server. Unless you live in Canada, the land of terrible interwebs
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    Before I go on further I need to make the distinction that the op asked if Brohoster's 4GB server will hold 100 players.

    And here is what I am running. I hope you dont mind its just all in a blurb. Didnt want to have one per line. AntiBuild, BorderGuard, ColoredSigns, CommandBook, GroupManager, GroupBridge, FenceStack, HeroChat, HeroicDeath, InspirePlayed, LogBlock, LWC, LyTreeHlper, MagicCarpet, Multiverse, ScheduledAnnouncer, SignLift, SimpleReserve, SimpleSave, Superpickaxe, War, Warpz0r, WorldEdit, WorldGuard.
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    Ubuntu Desktop 10.04 LTS
    i7 920, 12 Gig Ram
    Minecraft Server 1.5.x / Craftbukkit [803]RB
    63 Plugins
    12 Users Online (yay 1.6.. >.<)
    Java Memory use is 2.9gigs with 12 users on and the server restarts every 3hours.

    So.. for you:

    Bro Hoster + 4 gigs Ram + Bukkit + plugins != 100 users ever

    Bro Hoster + 4 gigs ram + Vanilla no mods == 100 users and most likely discontinued service soon after.

    Also, letting them brand their "tier server service" with names that you guys repeat as a heuristic between one another and for the public only hides the truth of what you are getting.

    EDIT: Now the server is at 20 people with 3.1 GB RAM used.
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    @GehennaGirl not too sure what you are getting at here. I was listing my plugins for whoever asked them? And it seems like you are just totally against GSPs? Many GSPs have names for their tiers that tend to be the blocks in Minecraft. Seems like common sense that I refer to them using their names and RAM.

    And why did you write "So for you" when I am not even the one interested in the said server? The OP asked if Brohoster could support it. And I gave my opinion that I currently have a lower tier server that holds what they said it would hold. I extrapolated that since their numbers are all just multiples, that the said server should be able to hold 100 people when it claims it can hold 128.
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    Yes, that is the purpose of the names of the tiers. It helps hide what is lacking. An excellent way to brand an inferior product is to give a name that can easily become popular and substitute any other label that may be given. Like... Inadequate.

    It is however nice that you have a home and server with them and no issues or complaints that upset your experience, and that is all that matters regardless of what I say or any other persons in the negative regarding that host service. Perception is reality and if your perception is that which makes your reality of experience with them positive, then more power and positive energy to you.
    The grapic is simply for others to see what limitations can exist under low ram ceilings, high plugins, and low user number.

    Good luck.
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    Even Vanilla, you'd struggle to get 80 users on 3gb. They give you 4gb for '128' because they think you'll never hit that. If you do manage to hit it, your server is going to buckle, and you'd also need a really small map for this, because as soon as your users start moving around and going out to places, my God is that RAM usage going to skyrocket, and that 3 or 4gb is going to seem pretty pathetic all of a sudden.

    I will just throw a recommendation out here. We host ours on a Kimsufi/OVH server, it's an i7 with a gigabit port, 3tb/month bandwidth (I believe they do up to 15tb on their highest spec from Kimsufi now), 12gb RAM and 4x1tb HDD (we have ours in RAID5 so effectively have about 3tb). It runs blisteringly fast, and it's a mere £110 a month for us. OVH have Brilliant uptime, support, etc. Couldn't recommend them enough. I know it sounds too good to be true, but we've been with them for 5 months and the only downtime we've had is when we've updated Ubuntu (or when the clock sync daemon when a little goofy, but that was a distro thing).

    Highly recommend RAM disking too, we take up 2gb of that 12gb for that, makes the server so much faster.
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    BroHoster is a fucking joke. 4gb for 128 players? I have a server with 2gb and can't handle 18. No multiworld or anything like that.

    I also heard you can't customize your server on BroHoster completely.
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