Is trustable?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by iSidle, Jul 30, 2013.

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    Does anyone run/has expirience with on their server?
    I'm asking this because i'm not gonna run this plugin while they will just rip me off.
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    Simple answer, if its not on bukkit don't trust it.
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    The concept of advertising to your players is just absurd to me. It's really a poor server administrator decision in my opinion, and reflects a motive your server that isn't just to play the game, but rather to profit off it. I'm sure you could justify it as paying bills, but there are many better ways to go about that.

    To correct what Muffin89 said, there are some advertising plugins that exist on BukkitDev, but that isn't an endorsement. Approval never has carried that stamp. Approval simply means "this file is not malicious to the best of our knowledge" and nothing more; we don't get involved in any monetary systems whatsoever. If you want to start spamming your players with advertisements, it's completely your responsibility to examine your options.
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    Well, okay thanks for the info! And I'm just trying to look into a few options to get my bills paid because money doesn't exactly grow on trees.
  5. Maybe you will add a global store to your server (like BetterShop for example) and instead of dropable currency, players will have to buy it if they want it? You can also add payable scrolls with commands of single or multiple uses etc. at least players will have the choice to either pay and get the extra stuff, or just play. If you'll make it cheap enough people might easily get addicted to those microtransactions . This is the way things like "WeRule" on mobile devices made some good money. "But $h*t it was 99 cents!".
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    I don't know if its trustable but its an ad-plugin. And i can tell you from experience do not play right into the hands of those. Also you wont get that much of money out of it if your server does not have a high player count.

    I also believe that when you install it your server will be monitored by them for statistics giving them free money.

    Usually such things are more profitable for the advertisers or those who own these types of plugins not for those who use it.

    If you need to get support get it through donations or a small monthly fee- Thats usually more fair and if your player base like your server they will probably want pay for it.
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    I was trying to advertise with them... Its been a while back, but Seems like a good idea!
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    no one likes ads players will leave the server
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    Honestly, if I went on your server and saw this, I would not give your server a chance. This might sound rough, but disregarding the architecture, professionalism of staff, view of your server would immediately drop to "sucks."
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