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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by ImminentFate, Jul 16, 2011.

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    I really don't know to be honest. How can I check to see if I am? And if i am how do I get one that will work?

    I looked up what snapshot vers. were. I'm using the original vanilla. Is the snapshot in this bukkit an old version? could that have anything to do with it?

    (By original vanilla i mean 1.1.

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    Im running Windows 7 PC so yeah :l hope he can tell us what to do... I am trying to uninstall java and then install it again and try to install the server again, I hope it will work :)
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    Ok so i deleted all the craftbukkit stuff off of my computer and tried it again. This time everything has worked seamlessly as far as the software goes. I haven't tried going into the server yet though. On the pail, once everything is done, it says "Craftbukkit is outdate.

    Edit: I just started up minecraft and connected to the server. I can't believe I finally got it to work with such a simple solution. Thanks for the amazing software man. Keep it up. :)
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    i just reinstalled and most of the problems are fixed. thanks
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    ok if you don't know you're probs not using one. But make sure that when you start up minecraft it says minecraft 1.1 on the bottom corner
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    dude u just have to uninstall java and reinstall it and it should work
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    OMG Thankyou ... It worked :D ... Thanks so much
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    No problem :)
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    Can You Please Make This For 1.2.2? :)
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    its kinda 1.2 now.. :confused:
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    when I try to run any of the files, it just opens for s split second and closes. i tried reinstalling java, making a custom .bat file and all, but none worked. please help! oh, and update to 1.2 if you could :D
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    i can't update to 1.2.2 yet, since Bukkit hasn't released a version that works. Should be out soon though, since they have joined Mojang
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    When will Will the installer update to RB6
  14. Hello, I'm starting my own server soon and was wondering if paid server hosting companies will work with this. Will it? I'm scared that I should figure out the real way of getting a Bukkitcraft server but i want to do it this way.will MC Pro Hosting work with this? Or not
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    Hey can anyone tell me what my batch file should look like for 1.2?

    Echo OFF
    SET BINDIR=%~dp0
    CD /D "%BINDIR%"
    "%ProgramFiles%\Java\jre6\bin\java.exe" -Xincgc -Xmx4096M -jar minecraft_server.jar

    I know "minecraft_server.jar" that needs to change to the name of the bukkit download but anything else? because it wont work.
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    you shouldn't need to, as most hosts provide pre-setup servers that run bukkit. MC Pro Hosting does, and at no additional cost. If you need their help, just send them an email
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    I NEED HELP,why does my server no longer have craftbukkit autoinstaller,pail plus, or pail.
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    ok im not a newb for making servers but when i was gone i didnt know there was and update so now im stuck here i have the newest craftbukkit but the codes arent working if you can help and im trying the newb friendly thing to try to make my server act better but i need help im stressed and dunno what to do im getting like 100 complaints a day i need help! also when i download it and i click on my version of java and make sure its the right craftbukkit i open it and instanly closes too! help!
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    Make sure your using Craft bukkit build 1.1-R4, it seems the latest recommended one on the site is 1.1-R6 and wouldnt work for me either.

    heres a link to the 1.1-R4
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    Hi i downloaded this and im happy but im stumped because minecraft 1.2.3 came out, And the file i downloaded off here is 1.1 So i was wondering if there was anyway to update it?
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    J P

    I am getting a problem. I used the installer for 1.1 R-4. Then I put the recommended build R-6 in the folder. Now it says Craftbukkit Version: 1930. Then it says under it Recommended build: Unknown. Please help me find out why if you can.
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    I already know how to run a Bukkit server, but I will find this very useful for it to automatically update my plugins! I often cannot find the correct version and I get errors.

    However, I use a Mac. Can you possibly make a Mac version of this program, please?
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    I've Downloaded this before I Updated to 1.2 and it worked fine... Until I had to update to get on the other servers I always go on. So you need to update this link to 1.2.3 and that would be awesome and I will Download it
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    thanks but i have my build for the new developement build for 1.2.3 and then i had to change it and it screwed my server up bad and now non of my plugins work anymore. YAY complaints!
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    Can you give me a date when 1.2.2 will be able to download for this? Just so i dont have to keep coming 0on every day :)
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    get the latest workin with 1.2.3 pleaseeeeeee!
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    If I were you, I wouldn't update to bukkit 1.2.3. It is extremely buggy and will break everything. I tried it on my server and spent 5 hours trying to get it back up again. Once an RB comes out, I will definitely post an update

    I will soon, but it will look horrible and will be based of Java, since nothing on windows can create stuff for mac

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    I downloaded the latest version of the installer then let it run without putting the r6 version of the jar file yet when I tried to run the server it wouldn't even start up at all I am using windows 7 I have tried setting it to run using vista sp2 and run as admin yet noting works any advice on what may be happening
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    i need r5 bukkit ???:;
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    it's a broken build. I would recommend staying on R4, and only going up to R6 if all your plugins work with it! Otherwise, it will break the server completely, requiring a fresh install or rollback
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