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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by ImminentFate, Jul 16, 2011.

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    Yeah I know, Norton is a pain when it comes to downloading unsigned content. You can try disabling Norton while you download the file, but make sure you turn it back on after!
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    i do not use norton i use mcafee and avg together soon to get bit defender
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    You might as well make an AI that reads their minds and writes the config for them, and if their mind has an idea unsupported by said plugin(s), it writes the plugin for them, and fixes any lag issues within minutes and updates within seconds of fixing. *trollface* I admire how much you help all these people, but I also feel bad that so many people have to use this tool.. Congratulations for helping the noobs! :)
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    Thanks! There is one major problem though... So I downloaded it and everything was fine in the downloading process, but I still don't know how to get my old multiplayer files to this one. Also, i dont even know how to connect to the game! :( How do i get to connect to the game and how do i get my old multiplayer files to this new bukkit server? Thanks.
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    Hey I Was Wondering Do You Have A Auto Installer For Mac? I Need A Easy Installer But I Have A Mac Thanks
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    ahh, if only i had something that can work there... I've been meaning to work on one for ages, but I don't have a mac to test on

    read the instructions.pdf that comes with it

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    Everything is fixed. When i open craft bukkit, pail server manager says my version is only 1772, and it says essentials wont work since its not updated. Is there some sort of problem?
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    Can't connect to
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    it means is down. don't worry about that, only used to update craftbukkit. Since there are no updates, it's all good.
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    Alright thanks,got it working!
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    it cant connect! and i cant find the pdf for the pail thing!!!

    help again!
    it says "connection refused:connect" what should i do??

    where the hell is the pail instructions???

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    Hey there. I was running my server today and it worked fine. I saw the message that there was a new version of craftbukkit in my craftbukkituptodate folder, so I go and pu tthe new jar in place of the old one. Now when I launch the server cmd comes up and immediately closes again. I am running Java 7. Could anyone help?

    Edit: I realized I needed the new patch, so my problem is solved
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    if you read the stuff above the download will find out
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    Okay, I download the file. I double click the icon on my desktop for windows. The black window pops up for not even a second then disappears? Because of that I can't even use it, all I'm trying to do is get mods/plugins whatever on my 1.1 no snapshot server with my friends. I've tired to do this before the snapshots and still had the same problem. I look up videos and nothing. I'm not great with this kind of stuff, but I'm trying to learn. I use Hamachi, on a 32 bit computer. I'm so clueless, much help is needed.
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    its saying my craftbukkit is outdated isnt this meant to auto uptade craft bukkit

    an automatic update happened and it said it couldn't find CommandBin.jar what does this mean?

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    i dosent say anything :(
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    • Works with Minecraft 1.1
    • Includes CraftBukkit 1930 Recommended R4-1.1
    • New, improved installer, looks way better
    • Instructions file (Incomplete, but more content coming soon)

    scroll down to the bugs section on the first page;
    Use an alternate file from the craftbukkit folder
    get java 7

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    Please help. i have downloaded and installed your bukket pack. (into a folder on the desk top) and i am confused as to how i install plugins. there is a plugin folder with all of the other stuff but i wanted to ask first b4 i did anything i would regret.
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    I think CraftBukkitUpToDate should be removed,since has been shut down
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    what does it mean when it says couldnt find CommandBin.jar?
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    i need to know why i cant connect
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    yes, put your plugins into the plugins folder. There is an instructions pdf you know
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    so i stopped the server and closed it all down. i come back and it says something is running on the port so i cant start the server again :( what do i do?
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    Could you try uploading to a different download site like mediafire? I can't download the patch because I used my one download on the Global download. -.-'
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    I can find the download ...well I found it but,it doesnt take me to mediafire or IDK.The download it's self is the one labled "GOBAL DOWNLOAD" right?...Thank you

    Please help me.

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    Whnever i try to launch the Craftbukkit server it just launches and shuts off immiedietly i have tried doing Run as adminstridator and it still does the same thing, i have windows 7 and i have downloaded java7 and launched the java 7 starter... what do i do?
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    rainbow poop

    your auto-installer sucks it takes me to file factory and i cant get anything cause idk what to do and ddibble89 is trying to help me he keeps mesaging you to help and all you say and try to do is nice adn all but none of it works and bukkit is my last hope for a good server cause if i cant get that my server goes down for good cause it cant do anything so if you would please use mediafire instead of file factory it would be awesome
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    I put my server up and I could connect to it. My friend tried to connect using my internal and external ip, both with and without :25565 at the end. He could not connect and I do not know the reason. Please help.
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    Am I Blind I I Can't Find Dowload Ill Just Wait For 1.2 To Come Out But Still I Dont See Auto Dowloader Dowload WTF Am i Blind!
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    What do i do if it says when i start craftbukkit unable to access jarfile craftbukkit-1.1-R3.jar
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