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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by GreenTea, Aug 16, 2015.

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    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: Invisible

    What I want: I need a plugin that lets a player with a specific permission (invisible.see) look at invisible players. If you the permission invisible.see invisible players look "transparent" to them.

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin.

    Ideas for permissions: invisible.see

    When I'd like it by: ASAP.
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    You're talking about something that works with the essentials /v command?
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    Hello GreenTea,

    I will start development of this plugin within the next hour.
    This should be done within a few hours.

  4. You can do this without any plugins EZ reply if you want to know more
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    No, when a player drinks a invisible potion. I don't want them to see mods in /V tho
  7. @pie_flavor

    Unfortunately it's not the case. /v uses invisibility, which is determined by clients.
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    @0ct0berBkkitPlgins First of all, /v doesn't use invisibility. It simply doesn't send player packets to the person in question. To the client, that person doesn't exist. Second of all, anything at all that involves other players or modifying data is completely server-side.
    I don't mean to sound rude but I'm not entirely certain you know what you're talking about.
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    This is probably a really easy plugin. I will work on this for you and should have it by tomorrow around 6pm (Aus EST) If no one else has made it.
  10. What version are you talking about? In the current version, /v gives you the invisibility effect, to be specific, infinite Invisibility II (it is invisibility II so it overrides any invisibility potions).

    The plugin is possible, however timothy said that its possible without plugins (which is not exactly the case). That is true, but it does not use permissions, but instead teams (which can be a hassle, and requires commands beforehand), and does not count wether a player is in /v or has drank an invisibility potion.
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    @0ct0berBkkitPlgins Multiple plugins have the /v command, and most use the bukkit method, since hacked clients can't see them either, players can interact through them, and it also affects the player list.
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    Didn't See what VoidMC said I'll let him do it
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