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    What i want: What i want is simple, no permissions needed for this plugin and no commands. Well what i want is something like this.
    I want to make my users limited to the inventory
    For example, i want the Inventory with the 10 slots that the user has to be custom items that can't be removed.
    Like Slot1 - Sword, Slot2 - Pick .... Slot10- Dirt

    But i also want to allow them to use slot 11- Slotxx without limiting the items there.
    Also I want the users not to be able to move the items, or if they get moved, to return to the postion they were.
    Another thing i would really appreciate is that the Slot1-Slot10 Items can be moved only in Slot1-Slot10. Meaning I can change the Slot1 - Sword and Slot2- Pick and move the Pick to the sword so it will be Slot1 - Pic and Slot2 - sword

    If you can build something like that and if it is possible, please add me on skype:)

    Skype: vasil7112


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