Solved Inventory broke on server, possibly worldguard.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by XxTimeSlinkyxX, May 7, 2018.

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    Okay so this is really important, im rolling back my server to a backup but I think I broke the server. I nor anyone else cannot put any item in the inventory. I cannot drop items, or pick them up. This is a HUGE problem as we have a tournament coming this week and i was finishing up a regions flags and then i went to test some games and boom no items. PVP works, commands work, everything works except the items. Please help!

    We have also just learned that you can use the /give command to give players items!

    My latest log file is attached to this link.
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    Sorry, I had to upload it to a different site, im just moving the link really quick. Ill post the link in the comments here and in the main post in a couple minutes once it uploads.

    Okay! I actually just solved my problem! It was not worldguard. I was using the plugin PlayersHide which created an item in your inventory to hide players. This item locked my inventory like the ENTIRE server was the"hub"! I have removed playershide until i can find a solution. That was my problem!

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