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Discussion in 'Community News and Announcements' started by EvilSeph, Feb 20, 2011.

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    With the recent move to, we're happy to announce a change to our building system that people have been wanting for a while now: recommended builds. The way the new system will work is that every week or so we'll be picking a CraftBukkit build and marking it as recommended so that plugin developers have an idea of what build they should be up to date with.

    Recommended versions will be what we consider a "stable" revision of CraftBukkit. This means that we expect plugin developers to support the latest Recommended version at the very least. Plugin developers then also have the option of developing and releasing for the latest builds to help us test and mold the API, but we cannot guarantee any form of stability with development builds.

    Since we only just recently deployed the Recommended builds system, things will not work as we planned: it is highly likely plugin developers will not be caught up for a few days but we hope this change will provide our community with a more stable "release" cycle to work with.

    The latest recommended build can always be found here:

    With this link always pointing to the latest Recommended build download:

    And here's an RSS feed for the Recommended Builds system that you can subscribe to for notifications:

    At the moment we have chosen to keep development builds available to the general public, but this may be changing in the future.
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    From what I've seen it is released when there are enough changes and fixes. It also gets tested for a while because in both previous recommended releases the updates of craftbukkit devel stopped and then all of a sudden a recdommended came and new devel releases too.
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    I have a similar issue. My server log thinks it's loading git-Bukkit version 516 even though I've installed 531. What did you change to fix this?
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    He read his version number correctly. The bold number is the version number:
    2011-03-13 14:29:08 [INFO] This server is running Craftbukkit version git-Bukkit-0.0.0-516-gdf87bb3-b531jnks (MC: 1.3)
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    Aha! Thank you very much for the clarification!
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    New Recommended Build: #556
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    The RSS feed isn't updated yet? It still lists 531 as the newest.
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    Fixed, our crontab was misconfigured. Thanks for the report :)
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    Seeing as how theirs been a lot of changes in the codebase, any chance of a new RB?
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    When it is ready for that...
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    Hello bukkit team
    The following is written with google translated
    as a server admin I thought it was a great idea with inactive plugins but I see plugins on active list, which says 493 it is 6 below recommended.
    and I'm also a few who have not bukkit build number in the title bar
    there are also some who use +
    what I would say is good idea but be much tougher against those who do not follow the rules
    nb. it could be a great help if there were both lowest and highest bukkit version in title bar
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    can we have a new recomanded build please, theres a huge list of fixes since the last one nearly 2 weeks ago
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    Travis Porter

    So I download the 556 build... craftbukkit jar thing. And I replace my old one with that.. but when I run my server it still says I'm running 544. I'm very new at this. 80% of plugins wont work.. Including 544 build plugins. Help?
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    There appears to be some confusion as to how the Recommended Builds system works, so I hope this clears it up. With the Recommended Builds system, we try and aim for a new RB being promoted every week or so, but nothing says we absolutely have to stick to this schedule.

    The system is designed so that even if we were to never promote a new RB ever again, people would have a stable server to deal with and things will work fine. As such, plugin developers are NOT expected to update anything past the current RB. HOWEVER, we hope they are still actively following development to prepare their plugins for the next RB, if and when it comes.

    We try to give everyone as much of a heads up as possible so that when the next RB hits, people aren't scrambling to fix their code - it should already be fixed - they're just scrambling to release their newest builds. Ideally, plugin developers should have a development build system of their own (like so that people can help them test their plugins with the latest Bukkit development builds so that everyone is ready for the next RB, but we understand if some plugin developers don't have the time, want, care or resources to do this.

    A lot of people have asked us to slow down on developing new builds and that is what the Recommended Builds system allows us to do.

    When we release Bukkit, we'll begoing with a "release early, release often" attitude employing a Major.minor.bugfix versionng system where:
    • Major version increments will occur when breakages occur.
    • Minor version increments will occur when new features are added, but backwards compatbility is still retained.
    • Bugfix version increments will occur when small bugfixes are made.

    Development will be ongoing, but releases will be version based and staggered.
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    @EvilSeph That all said, can we please get a new recommended build soon? There is just a massive, massive bug fix list as long as my arm. Please.
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    You are probably reading the wrong number. I'm pretty sure that when you look in the logs, or type /version, you get the following result: git-Bukkit-0.0.0-544-g6c6c30a-b556jnks. The actual CB version is not the first number, 544, but the one near the end, 556, between 'b' and 'jnks'.

    Back to the topic though:
    I am hoping for a new RB myself too. But I'm a bit worried that this will make a busy week for plugin developers, with the 1.4 update of MC pending this week. Wouldn't it be better to get a more recent stable version (RB) of CB before then, so there is a nice up-to-date situation that people can keep going a bit longer? That in case applying CB to 1.4 will take some time.
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    I'm pretty sure most, if not all, plugin developers regularly check that thread.
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    i hope you will promote a new RB today then. cant wait ;)
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    ok :)
    definatly good news though, should make the change when 1.4 comes out MUCH smoother
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    New Recommended Build: #600.

    This recommended build will most likely break a lot of plugins so it'll be a few days before plugins are usable with it.
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    Thank you!
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    If we're going to re-issue an RB, we might as well fix that bug and reissue the fixed build instead of going backwards.
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    True, that would be better.
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    New Recommended Build: #602

    A quick fix for the forgotten inheritance issue.
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    good luck crafting a recommended build for 1.4 :D
    This is very good, now there are "standards" plugin-devs can relate to.
    And we users know which of the thousands of builds to get.
    AWESOME, keep up the good work :)

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    i have make a backup if someone want

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    (obs! a mod is added when you open inventory and click O you will see a list of items )
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