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Discussion in 'Community News and Announcements' started by EvilSeph, Feb 20, 2011.

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    With the recent move to, we're happy to announce a change to our building system that people have been wanting for a while now: recommended builds. The way the new system will work is that every week or so we'll be picking a CraftBukkit build and marking it as recommended so that plugin developers have an idea of what build they should be up to date with.

    Recommended versions will be what we consider a "stable" revision of CraftBukkit. This means that we expect plugin developers to support the latest Recommended version at the very least. Plugin developers then also have the option of developing and releasing for the latest builds to help us test and mold the API, but we cannot guarantee any form of stability with development builds.

    Since we only just recently deployed the Recommended builds system, things will not work as we planned: it is highly likely plugin developers will not be caught up for a few days but we hope this change will provide our community with a more stable "release" cycle to work with.

    The latest recommended build can always be found here:

    With this link always pointing to the latest Recommended build download:

    And here's an RSS feed for the Recommended Builds system that you can subscribe to for notifications:

    At the moment we have chosen to keep development builds available to the general public, but this may be changing in the future.
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    i for one Dont want to update my server. If this Build scatter dont clear up in a week I will be boycotting any plugin that refuses to make builds for the recomended CB Build and if the rest of us server owners do the same the plugn dev's will make the plugins for the builds we want or simply the amount of users using it would defeat the purpose of releasing it.

    release Topics need to Have downloads for at least the last 5 Recommended builds in the topic. To make finding a working set of plugins easier. I'm fine with plugin dev's building their plugins for other versions as long as there is a version that works with the recommended builds. and have that in the title not some screwed up number like 56+ if it works with the recommended build put the recommended builds number in the topic title then some where in the post put the higher build numbers that it works with.

    ideally some kind of interactive poll where people that use the plugin can mark what versions it works with would be good.
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    Sort of a side note, but how soon can we expect the plugin repository to be up and running? Will there be a way for it to know if a plugin is ready to be updated without breaking things or will a lot of it still be manual?
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    meh... seems to be one more thing for me to keep track of... - beginning to feel to much like my day job.
    --- merged: Feb 22, 2011 5:58 PM ---
    Feel free to boycott my plugins - they're free, a gift, use them or don't, I don't care - I don't even have a donation link (which when you consider the amount of alcohol I require to desire to code (in java no less) after coding all day at work - is almost saintly)

    Seriously, I'll make an effort to keep up, but best and quickest way for me to find out something broke between builds is if someone tells me as I make these plugins primarily for my own use on my own server (I just happen to give them to the community as my way of being thankful for bukkit) and I don't tend to keep my server updated
  5. Any recommendations for the new 1.3 beta? Or is that too new?
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    Don't you think that such recommendation would be on the site used for recommendations?
  7. I don't know! I'm new! Aaaaaahhh *hides under table*
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    Well okay, you're new, but you could just read the first post where everything is explained thoroughly ;)
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    What is the new recommandation ?
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    To wait for a recommended build :)
    But if you want to play 1.3, I think you have to just use the last artifact.
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    Wonderful idea! I've been waiting for a nightly build like system for a while :)
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    Recommended build for 1.3 will be as soon as the devs feel they have a build that meets their guidelines for a recommended build. In the meantime, use the new launcher (don't upgrade) and play on the old server, or grab one of the latest builds.
    --- merged: Feb 23, 2011 11:52 PM ---
    Build 432 is the latest recommended build. Follow the links on the OP to get it.
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    These guys release this stuff out of their own free will and all your doing is going to ruin it for all of us with statements like that!
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    If there were no server owners they would not have any 1 to release it to. All Im saying is a little support to make it easyier on the server owners would be nice a little less me me me and a little more Every body from the plugin devs.
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    What? What have plugin devs to do with this anyway?

    Also I do NOT release my plugins because of anyone. I made them for my own server because I needed them and released them in case anyone else wanted it. But really, if nobody downloaded them it would only be easier for me and I would not even care!
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    Yeah, but then I'd have to find yet another replacement for a warp plugin.
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    Nah, you'd just have to edit the source from time to time ;)
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    Last time I touched Java code was about 10 years ago, and the last time I did any real coding (not scripting) was easily 6 years ago. I'd rather you just stick around, I don't want to get back into coding. :)
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    Maybe you should make your own plugins.

    I really do not like your attitude and lack of respect for plugin developers.
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    Respect is earned where i come from not given to every joe blow that can copy and paste some code and make it into a plugin. I do respect some devs Granted some of them i think are complete retards. My View here was not aimed at plugin devs just trying to point out that unless the devs support it the whole idea is a waste of time.

    LOooking for updates for 12 or so plugins is stressfull still cause no1 is builing for the recomemned builds a few are but most are still off picking this and that and leaving their Op with out a whole lot of info of what works and what dont.

    I seen some have a build range that it should work in i think its a great idea like it had 420-440 Now that on its own makes it so much easier to use that plug in because i have a far better idea of what it will work with.

    Also Add support for lua or make a guide if it already dose support lua cause i cant code java Only a little bit of lua so when that comes around i will probably have a good go at making my own plugins then. And just for the record i made a hmod plugin b4.
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    Heh demanding that much on a free "hack" into a paid app, nice...
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    What happened to respecting a person because they're a human being? People these days...
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    Im sorry to say but this system is a flop every time i look in the plugin release section theres never more than 2 -4 plugins that support the RB I guess the plugin devs just cant keep up or they just dont care its its easy for server owners and i mean why should they care they have no reason too. In a perfect world plugin devs would be able to keep up with the RB but it dont look like its going to happen till after the builds slow down and from the looks of it thats going to be quite some time :/ o well make do with what you got.
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    Pre-Recommended Builds:
    Plugin Dev: I just released my WhizBang. You'll need to get the latest CB, which just came out 15 minutes ago.
    (15 minutes later)
    Bukkit Team: We just released a new CB that deprecates whiz. LOLOLOLOL
    Server Owners: It doesn't work with the latest CB.
    Plugin Dev: FFFFFUUUUUUU

    Post-Recommended Builds:
    Plugin Dev: I just released my WhizBang for the current recommended build.
    Server Owners: It doesn't work with the latest CB.
    Plugin Dev: That's not the recommended build.

    Give it time. Plugin devs will realize its easier to just support the recommended build.
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    We haven't made it a requirement to support Recommended Builds yet. We're giving plugin developers time to sort things out and time for us to work out any remaining bugs that show up when we update to the latest Minecraft update.
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    Latest recommended build - 440 has been released. Changelog since last RB (432):
    CB #433 - CB: Corrected Exceptions text when loading and saving ops
            - Bukkit: Added Item.(get|set)ItemStack().
    CB #434 - CB: attempt to track down some bugs
            - Bukkit: Added Item.(get|set)ItemStack().
    CB #435 - CB: synchronize hashmap lookups
            - Bukkit: Added Item.(get|set)ItemStack().
    CB #436 - CB: Fixed some debug
            - Bukkit: Added Item.(get|set)ItemStack().
    CB #437 - CB: Attempt to convert multiworld worlds... world
            - Bukkit: Added Item.(get|set)ItemStack().
    CB #438 - CB: Fixed ENTITY_DAMAGE involving slimes (per DHowet)
            - Bukkit: Added Item.(get|set)ItemStack().
    CB #439 - CB: Fixed logging back in on non-default worlds (Yes really)
            - Bukkit: Added Item.(get|set)ItemStack().
    CB #440 - CB: possible fix for block breaking bug
            - Bukkit: Added Item.(get|set)ItemStack().
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    I agree that some devs do not respond that quickly, but let's considter these 2 points, shall we?
    1. Do you really need to update craftbukkit that often? Of course let's not discuss 1.3 minecraft update, but otherwise I wouldn't think so.
    2. And this is the main Point: Imagine waking up, programming at work and solving problems (which is essentialy what programming is about). Then you get home (after driving/riding for a hour back). Let's even say your wife/gf bought the evening meal! You still should at least have some time with her then... So you get to your computer and read the news and then instead of having some time off, people expect you to UPDATE BUKKIT!!!
    Really guys, chill out :)
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    Im greatful for all developers hard work and patience with us whiny bastards..since i never paid for this, i will say thanks for everything and all the fun me and my friends have with bukkit and the plugins..
    so one question,is there a recommended build for bukkit snapshot aswell? or do i go for the latest?
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    I click on the recommended and even go stright to 440 and it still gives me 458. Somethings not right.
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    You really need to make sure you're downloading it to the right place then (renaming it correctly, etc). I swap between the latest RB and the latest BE build (RB = Recommended Build/BE = Bleeding Edge) all the time and it works quite well for testing.
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    It was me being confused. One of the plugins says it only works with 440 and I was having problems getting it to work.
    This server is running Craftbukkit version git-Bukkit-0.0.0-458-g557f3d2-b440jnks (MC: 1.3)
    I saw 458 on the build - not b440 at the end. So I kept thinking I had the wrong version. Ended up being Permissions plugin causing my error and I did have the correct build
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