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    As our project has grown, we've noticed areas where we need to work on and have actively been listening to the community in order to improve. When CI began experiencing difficulties keeping up with the heavy load we experience on update days, I saw this as an opportunity to update our distribution model to bring it more in line with the level of quality that the community has grown to expect of us. The fact of the matter is, CI / Jenkins was not designed to be used as a means to distribute our work to non-developers. This is clearly evident the moment you visit the site as it isn't clear what is the latest download and how do you go about getting to it, among other things.

    Introducing, our solution specifically designed to provide what CI did and more, wrapped in polish, ease of use and an intuitive setup and efficient enough to handle the high amounts of traffic we regularly see from day to day. I am absolutely proud and honoured to finally be able to unveil what we've been working on the past month or so and hope to explain why our new solution is better suited for the community.

    On the surface,, presents you with a landing page that gives you precisely what the average user of our product or prospective users of our product want: a link to the latest download and some helpful links in an attractive design. When designing the landing page, we wanted to appeal to the consumer, rather than the developer. We wanted to provide consumers with a clear indication of where they need to go to get the latest download link and feel we have achieved that with inspiration from Mozilla's Get Firefox page. On top of this, we wanted to provide users with obvious links to answer their most pressing questions so that no one feels lost when trying to get started with Bukkit.

    Of course, we've made sure to provide the resources people have come to rely on:
    Latest Recommended Build RSS Feed:

    Latest Recommended Build download permalink (wget friendly!):

    Check out and let us know what you think, or read the rest of the article to find out what it has to offer.

    Thanks for your continued support and we hope you like our new download site as much as we do! As is the case with anything Bukkit, we intend to actively iterate and work on and value any feedback, comments and constructive criticism you may have.

    But that's just the tip of the iceberg. We knew that we had to out-do everything that CI had to offer or the advanced users and our developers would never feel inclined to switch over. With the large feature set that we've developed on DLB, I can confidently say we've done that and more and I am sure you'll agree. By clicking on the small "Alternative Versions" link, you'll get access to the true power of DLB. The problem with CI was that it was designed as a build manager, whereas DLB was designed, from the ground up, with the needs of our community in mind.

    Every build we compile is made available in a helpful list with colour coding corresponding to the type of build, clear markings if we consider a build broken and recommend you do not use it and an easy to access download button so you can get the build you want and go right back to running your server. Instead of having to navigate to each individual build to get useful information and access to the downloads like you had to on CI.

    Clicking on a specific build brings you to a page filled with useful information and links: the Git commit associated to the build (with a link to it), the MD5 checksum for the build and the status of the build. Unlike CI, we made sure to provide next and previous buttons that didn't change their position, so that it is easy for you to switch between builds without having to continuously chase those buttons around.

    As well as a Git commit log and API changes listing:

    For those of you who relied on CI for its changes view, don't worry, we provide that too:

    Another awesome feature DLB provides is the ability to compare any two builds:
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    Yes, I am also having the Page Not found error.
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    Can't go on the page!

    Wanted to download bukkit :/
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    The page as well as the links on the page are working for me. Either this has been resolved already, or its a caching issue on your side. Try ctrl-F5.
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    Looks awsome :) Good job bukkit... keep it coming.
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    Stuck with the 404 Error. I tried refreshing to no avail...
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    Getting 404 Error also.
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    Looks like the database backups have hit us again! Except this time, the persistent Python processes handle this... less well.

    This should be fixed now. Sorry!
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    I love those download buttons.


    This is irrelevant, but I hate the Firefox download page because of the images used. No Mozilla, when I'm downloading a web browser I don't want to see a guy with his arms around a fox costume. The idea is good, but Firefox's download page needs to work on it's branding. It's a web browser, not a game about foxes.

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    Celtic Minstrel

    I think I recall the Firefox download page being better at one time, with just a giant Firefox icon on a blue background or something like that.
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    when is the 1.2 build coming out?
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    R6 is out, but it doesn't work... where can I get help?
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    Just pushed out a small change to the Jenkins plugins as well as to - it will now show you upstream/downstream builds for *new* builds.

    At some point I may go through and add all the old relationships, but don't hold your breath.
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    404 Bukkit is Empty

    Unfortunately the Bukkit you were looking in is empty. Please try another.
    The URL you tried to access does not exist.
    You can try:
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    I really do like this. :) Good work!

    If I'm going to find something I don't like it is that the picture at is a bit too small and does not cover the screen to the bottom. But honestly looking really good guys! :)
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    Looks nice really nice, like it!
    Just have a ideea. Maybe already have it just dont know how to find it then ;)
    How about to add a filder button on "alternative version" like show "only reccomend builds" and show "only dev builds".+++
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    Would like to know that, too!
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    Celtic Minstrel

    In theory, I think the answer would be "BukkitDev". I don't think they're actually on there though, so that doesn't work...
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    Under the big text that says bukkit there are tabs. Under the craftbukkit tab there are texts that you can press :) Just press Recommended builds and you get all the reccomended builds :)

    What is a beta build? :S
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    Beta builds are builds that won't likely empty your Bukkits, but haven't been extensively tested. Think of them as good candidates to try on your testing server before you release it to your main production server (IF you are so bold). Dev builds you should think of as builds that may empty all your Bukkits and laugh at you while you look on weeping in the arms of a loved one (aka, ALWAYS have good backups and make sure you know how to read error messages as they pop up). Recommended Builds are builds that have undergone extensive testing, and we can be reasonably assured have no glaring bugs.
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    What is the dev jar for making plugins
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    Perfect! Thanks, Bukkit devs!! [diamond]
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    Okay, now has {Scrap,Chat,Home}Bukkit! Enjoy!
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    Is it just me, or is it a lot harder to just see the whole changelist? In Jenkins, there was a page that just listed every build and what was changed from the last one. Now it seems like I have to navigate to the page of the latest build, then click the compare button, then find my current build (or whatever I wanted to compare it to), then wait for it to generate the list for me. :/
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    You mean like
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    Feed me enough chocolate and the answer may just become yes.
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    Fair enough.
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    Is it possible to get a direct download link for all the versions as Dev builds etc?
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    I've been wondering for a while why there isn't a direct link to anywhere on
    There's a link to the Jar in the sidebar but not the website.

    If there is one already, it needs to be easier to see as I couldn't find it.
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