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    Category: Misc?

    Name: Intervals

    I'd like a plugin where i can start a timer, and then every x minutes/seconds it will display a message in chat, and possibly run a command(it would be nice if this was implemented). Such as:
    I would type lets say, /interval start 20m [playsound random.orb]

    Which would in chat, every 20 minutes, say a message, which would be defined in the config, which will also say how far it has been since it was started, and play the random.orb sound. - the text in the [ ] will be the command. Maybe for the config have something like %t is the total time, so it would be like:
    20m -=-= 20 minute mark =-=-
    40m -=-= 40 minute mark =-=-
    Etc etc etc...

    Perrms /commands
    intervals.start - /interval start <time> [Command] - starts the timer
    intervals.stop - /interval stop - stops the timer
    intervals.pause - /interval pause - pauses it, and in chat it says what time in it was pasued.

    No particular time for it to be done, but, sooner is better, right?

    Thanks if anyone makes it, if there are any questions about it then just ask :D
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    Mathias Eklund

    Looks like you are a developer, why not give it a shot yourself?
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    the sort of plugins i can make is really simple things, like sending a message when a player runs a command, i would have no clue who to do timers and things.
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    Mathias Eklund

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    I don't have the time right now. I don't even have eclipse on my computer.

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