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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Nogtail, Mar 10, 2014.

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    I want to use some libraries in my plugin such as Guava and Apache Commons but don't want to have an external jar file (want to package the libraries in the exported jar).

    If I want to use something that for licencing or other reasons cannot be put in the plugins jar where would I put it? If I put it in the plugins folder would Bukkit try to load it?
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    Are you trying to use another plugin's api, but don't want to have it installed on the Bukkit server?
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    No, I'm actually trying to make a library for a server I'm making and want to have other plugins be able to hool into it. I am planning to use Redis as one of my databases so would need to have a client (I have chosen Jedis) and I would like to have that within the jar.
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    You just need to package the dependencies that won't be provided at runtime inside of your plugin.
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    How would you do this?
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    Put source files with your code
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    in most cases you can rip code from 3rd party libs and use only code you actually need.

    i ripped GSON library, entire jar was reduced to single class that able to perform only actions i actually need.
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