Question Interfearence with essentials chat.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by NeonPanda0, Mar 31, 2015.

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    My essentials chat is configurated to deliver the message as so:
    format: '{DISPLAYNAME}&7:&r {MESSAGE}'
    #format: '{FACTION} &7[{GROUP}]&r {DISPLAYNAME}&7:&r {MESSAGE}'

    # Default: '{WORLDNAME} {DISPLAYNAME}&7:&r {MESSAGE}'
    # Admins: '{WORLDNAME} &c[{GROUP}]&r {DISPLAYNAME}&7:&c {MESSAGE}'

    # If you are using group formats make sure to remove the '#' to allow the setting to be read.

    however the message appears as:
    [Owner] Hotmilk>
    My settings are set so that the
    ">" in [Owner] Hotmilk>
    is set to
    are there any plugins that would cause my changes in essentials chat to not work?
    TimTheEnchanter, NoCheatPlus, WorldEdit, MassiveCore, Vault, PermissionsEX, HolographicDisplays,WorldGuard,essentials,essentialsprotect,essentialsspawn,essentialschat,factions

    Also without using Chatmanager, how would I make the prefix appear using just PEX and ESSENTIALSCHAT?
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