Interest, the reward for being online plugin.

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Myph, Oct 12, 2014.

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    Interest plugin idea by Myph
    When the player is online, they will receive interest either in the form of economy or vanilla exp and will need permissions to do so. Here is a simple config.
    Interval: 1000 (every 1 second a player received interest)
    Group-one: (players with
    - Economy: 1 (they will get +1 every 1 second)
    - Experience: 10 (will get 10 vanilla exp every 1 second)
    Donator: (players with interest.donator)
    - Economy: 2
    - Experience: 30

    This is just a simple idea, feel free to experiment or comment of what should be added or changed. If someone is willing to create this masterpiece I would be very happy and will test the plugin thoroughly.

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    Myph Nice idea but I'm working on a project for my server so I'm not going to make this. Good idea though
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    Myph Unless the in-game money/exp can only be used to buy cosmetic perks, the donor interest violates the EULA. Otherwise, cool plugin. There's a slight chance that I may make this sometime; it seems simple enough (if I don't go overkill like I normally do with "simple" plugins), and sounds like a fun project. However I have a couple of plugins standing in line, so I'll see what I can or can't do. :)

    Edit: Also, could you describe what you mean by "interest"? Do you mean players will get x percent of their bank accounts after a certain amount of seconds, players will get some kind of compound interest (I forget the formula for that), or do they receive a flat rate of money for being online?
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