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    Hello is it any plugins that can make clickable text in the chat? I know command blocks could do it in a snapshot. I wan't a plugin that can list up different things in the chat and let you click on them and run the commands as a OP or console. For example that achievement thigny thats pops up in the chat and we mouse over it it will say how to get that achievement. I wan't the same function in the plugin but clickable that can run commands for example: You do the command "/warp" and a list of warps will be listed up and if you mouse over a warp it will explain that warp for example a warp that was named "Shop" when you mouse over it it will say for example: "Here you can buy/sell items". When you click on the warp it will teleport you to the warp location.

    If its exist can someone give me the link? Or if its does not exist can someone make it?

    P.S. it must be able to run with essential's warp
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    Raw Discovery

    I believe this is quite impossible until 1.8 is out.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Possible already. Requires packets though ( I believe )
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    Raw Discovery

    O ok, I knew if it was possible it would take a little bit of time too.
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    The Fancy Whale

    Just wait for 1.8 it will be substantially easier. I don't see any reason to spend a ton of time working on this when 1.8 is out in a month or so. Raw Discovery timtower
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    Raw Discovery

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    It is possible already (for a few months even)

    On my server I made a plugin viewing some basic info (like towns, ...)

    Mods can click names to teleport , vips can click to tpa,...
    To make it easier and not waste resources I used a random token as the command. When a chat listeners sees that token it will apply an action. That way you can send 1 message with 1 command/hash token and the listener will execute a command according to permissions ,..
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    Nice! I shall try the plugin. Is it for 1.7.2?
    How do i download the plugin?
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    You guys are discussing whether this is possible or not when these are just tellraw commands
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Do notice that those weren't added yet when this thread was made.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Still, not very easy to do with tellraw only
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    Cycryl timtower i don't want to update my server to other versions than 1.7.2 before all the plugins are updated to 1.8 and the client mods i must have is updated. I can't play without NEI Minimap and InventoryTweaks and optifine. So i update the server to 1.8 when the plugins can be on MC 1.8 and the client mods.
    Please don't cloe this tpic when i wrote mods instead of server plugins
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    Hit "add text"

    Make sure the "Raw" button at the top is clicked

    In "text", type whatever you want your chat button to say

    Hit "click event", and in the dropdown menu, select what you want the text to do when clicked.

    In the box to the right of "click event", type a web address if you selected "open URL", or a command if you selected "Run command"

    "Hover Event" basically controls what happens if you hover your mouse over the button, but don't click. You can mess around with it, but it's not extremely useful.

    Hit the "add text" button

    Next to the thing that says "Command:", you'll see a bunch of code. Highlight it and copy it.

    Go into Minecraft, open a command block, and do Ctrl + C. Press the "Done" button.

    Power the command block with redstone.


    You can play around with the website a bit more and add colors and other things, but this is basically what you do to make a chat-button.
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    Yeah i did find out by my self. I already made something cool with it. Wanna c? IP:
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