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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by spookyDHD, Jan 25, 2014.

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    How can i allow other people to help (live) with my plugin in intellij?
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    upload it to a site like git or using an svn client.
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    You can setup a GitHub repository, and push/pull from the repository as you are coding.
    You and your dev team are making an sg plugin. You are working on the arena, phil on commands, and jerry on chests. You push your arena to the git page so that jerry can implement his chests with that class, and then jerry pushes his chests to the repo. phil can then pull from the repo, and implement the chests into his commands, and the arena into the commands. At the end, you all have an astonashing sg plugin
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    You can use Saros
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    ...IntelliJ is a different program to eclipse, that wouldnt work...
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    Oh I just realized that it said IntelliJ
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    There's no live way AFAIK. Your closes equivalent is to use Git.
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    BitBucket or Git

    BitBucket advantages, supports git, free private repo for up to 5 people, and team support.
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    Since I am only familiar with eclipse, I can't be positive on this subject, but I know that me and a friend were able to work on the same project using dropbox. By putting my workspace into our linked dropbox folder, and by having him link his external source to his dropbox. We were able to have a constantly updating project
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    A lot of people here seem to be missing the main point: he said 'live' cooperation. Version Control such as SVN and Git are not live.
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    *develop a plugin similar to intellij*
    and yeah zeus. currently there is no way. The closest thing is IDETalk which adds in really neat and useful things for multiple devs using version control, and needing to discuss things/and much more in real time. (it still doesnt allow coop coding like saros, but its quite useful)

    atm, what I do if I need to is use IntelliJ to code and let Eclipse handle the Saros part. Takes work to setup and to use, but its possible this way as well.
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    the only program I can think of which allows live cooperation in Google docs, you could use their word program to write it and then use the docs in eclipse to compile
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    Or you and your friends are going to install TeamViewer, you have to say them you code, so they can control your pc, when teamviewer ist started.
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    just a warning teamviewer uses alot of bandwidth on your Internet connection and it is not recommended for a group of people programming
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  16. Cammeritz That wouldn't work, only one person would be able to work at a time.
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    Technically you are searching for a collaborative real-time plugin for IntelliJ...
    But I wasn't able to find any (free) (in the short time I looked)

    There was a way before Google+/Google Hangouts, but it doesn't work anymore....
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    This thread is close to 10 months old, grave dig much :p
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    Someone might find it useful in the future :3
  20. xXDJONESXx But how did you come about it? Did you deliberately go looking for a thread like this to answer? 0.o

    Luke_Lax The image in your signature isn't very believable - the 'You' naturally don't have a link in the normal version ;)
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    I was looking for the same program (floobits) and I came across this, so when I found it I thought I might post the answer here.
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    I know, I didn't want it to be 100% correct :p
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    They need to add Netbeans support too !
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