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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by souperdudeman, Apr 22, 2020.

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    Category: Mechanics
    Version: 1.15.2
    Name: InstantEat

    What I want: A plugin that allows all players to instantly eat food instead of waiting for the eating animation to take place. If it is possible, I would like there to be a configurable eating time for every edible item in game such that I could make carrots take less time to eat than pumpkin pie.

    Commands: No commands are necessary

    Permissions: No permissions necessary as I would like funcitonality to be universal.

    When I'd like it: I would be ecstatic if this was possible. I hate how long it takes to fill a hunger bar with carrots.
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    I can do it however,keep in mind animation is handled client side,meaning all i can do is force eat(make the food dissapear)

    Spigot link

    Limitations found:
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    Can you make it so that the food is not consumed if I let go of right click before the timer runs out? right now if you are holding food and tap right click, it will still consume the food after the configured amount of ticks have passed.
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    Sadly its different with foods,as no matter what i do its still gonna start the eating animation,i changed a bit of it to try mimic it at most
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    Oh sorry when I say consumed I don't mean the eating animation- what I mean is that if I set the cooked porkchop timer to 60 ticks, when I right click a cooked porckchop to eat it and only hold down rick click for 10 ticks and let go, 50 ticks later the porkchop dissapears and my hunger is replenished. What I was asking for would be so if the timer is set for 60 ticks, I must hold my right click down for the full 60 ticks before the food dissapears and hunger is refilled. If I let go of right click before the full 60 ticks, I would like it so that the food does not dissapear and instead nothing happens.
    Sorry for the miscommunication

    EDIT- pumpkin pie does not work with this plugin. You can add it to the configuration but when it is eaten it restores no hunger points. It looks like any food item added to the config file does not restore hunger points.
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