Installing MODS on servers.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Muzixs, Jan 26, 2012.

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    Ive looked all over YouTube and Google for a simple guide on how to install mods (mods not plugins) on servers but i either get nothing or tutorials on how to install plug-ins. What I need is someone to explain exactly how to get a mods such as this one onto a server using CraftBukkit(im using the Pail Server Manager Platform if that makes any difference). If there's a forum like this already could you post it please, i wasn't able to find one but im new to Bukkit so yea.

    Im not sure if ive explained my problem thoroughly, if so leave a comment on what else you need to know.
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    Step 1: Download the ModloaderMP
    Step 2: Open the bukkit build with Winrar or something
    Step 3: Place the ModloaderMP files in the CraftBukkit build jar
    Step 4: Run the server
    Step 5: Place the mod zip in the mods folder ( created once you run the server )
    I think thats all
    If it works like pwease :3
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    Its probably as simple as you make it out to be but it still isnt working for me. I downloaded the ModloaderMP and tried palcing both the floder and its files in the .jar file but the server wasnt even able to start. Ill uplaod 2 images of what everything looks like one with the cmd showing some errors.

    Its amazing at all the entries ive search and videos ive looked at not one gives a single clear example on downloading mod loader for smp, only single player



    Ok ive just noticed something, when i went to to dl a sever file. In it were all the class files that the craftbukkit seems to lack which im sure is why its not working. Sooo yea, what now?

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    Because CraftBukkit is a server mod itself, this method won't work. However, today I going to start looking into creating a server plugin/api. MCP programmers of major mods (like mo' creatures) will be to get their mods running with Bukkit using this.
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    Aww that sucks :( . I figured i would just do the normal sever build from but i wouldnt get the server control panel that i love so much. But what your suggesting would be fantastic to have. Hope for the best.

    Thanks, its works to say the least but sadly as ive just learned it doesnt work with Bukkit builds XD.

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    Yea i saw some thing similar to this before but wasnt sure what to make of it. Looking threw it i think i found a video going over the problem im having mainly at 3:42. But when i went to check krnlyng most of his work was out dated so still no luck. But maybe someone whos more savvy with this sort of thing could look into that site mainly at this section an explain things more clearly.
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    :/ Well my (friend) had a build craft server on a bukkit build.
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    Would you mind asking him if he knows anything?
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    I don't really talk to him anymore because, he was being an a**.
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    I used that to mod both minecraft and bukkit.
    Select the file you want to mod in the first textbox, drop the mods below.
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    Exactly. You have different things here such as Material.diamond rather than Item.diamond. I started with mods and then went to plugins and the code has a lot of differences.
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    will mod loader mp stop people without the mods get on the server. on my current bukkit server , i get kicked for generic reason when I use my planes mod. It works on solo and vanilla servers ( but my moded vanilla server will not let friends without mods on.) I need to know how to unblock modding on my bukkit server. I do not have permissions. my plugins are: chestshop, essentials, essentials chat, essentials protect, essentials spawn, factions, iconomy, infchest (but doesn't work),war, jobs, world edit, world guard. OR is there a plugin/mod loader that when someone without the mod joins the server and they can use the mod on the server
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    I think a lot of that has to do with the mod itself,
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    If a server doesn't have the mod, you'll get kicked if you try to use it there.
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