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    This plugin will simply create a statue of a person in minecraft instantly

    /statue create [Name]
    This will create teh statue of the minecrafter.
    /statue headcreate [Name]
    This will only create the head of the minecrafter
    /statue undo
    Undo what you have just made
    /statue redo
    Redo what you have just undo'd

    An atlias to /statue would be /s c [Name] ot /s hc [Name]

    I dont know how it would connect to a database of all the skins and stuff like that but i know a plugin called Citizens allows you to paste an npc of a person.

    Also if there would be a way to set the resolution so its eather bigger and more detaled or smaller and more detaled so after name you would put the res and you would choose from 16* 32* and 64*

    so all together the main command would be /statue create [Name] [Res]

    if any one can give me a list to a plugin that dose so ore develop one for me that would be great
    Thank You For Reading :)
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    Dude this is awsome You REALLY need to relese this Now
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    Also funnily enough, I had this idea many months ago but never got around to making it because I was too lazy. :D
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    I'm going to fix it up and add some more features this weekend and then I'll see about releasing it. Let me know what you'd like to see first, or if you notice anything that could be improved or doesn't work, please report it on github.
  7. This is AMAZING!!! You have to release this. This is the kind of plugin i've been searching for.

    If possible release this as soon as possible [cake]
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    Im working on updating it to 1.5.2 and add some new features

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