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Discussion in 'Staff Goodbyes' started by Amaranth, Sep 6, 2014.

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    Bukkit.... :(
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    Everyone that abandon the project should join forces and create something like bukkit but call it fukkit XD hahaha
    still waiting...
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    Spigot has a workaround to this DMCA crap but it requires you having the latest version of spigot for it to work.
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    Read several of the goodbye posts and you will see why.
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    rip m8
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    No, but I seriously think were pissing off Mojang at the moment by leaving the Bukkit community. I really don't understand why people would rather leave instead of solving the problems associated with Mojang. No, they don't give a damn about the updates nor support them, which are the main problems in this conflict. Another problem would be Mojang's favorite law, the EULA.
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    i can undestand it and i wish you all the best for the staff developers etc. and all involved people and theres nothing more about to say
  11. "Tree feller activated."
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    Come on people, do not let this community down now by getting selfish. Stick together. With the pending sale of Minecraft to Microsoft, all that we knew is going down the plughole anyway; it was intended. That's why the EULA squeeze, and now this; to hand the parcel over to MS all nice and tidy with no copyright loose ends. MS will not allow free modifications; they'll be pay-for. They can see an opportunity; they never make a deal otherwise. Mojang used to be against that sort of exploitation; but they are giving us up now. Time for a new game, people! It's our only chance at creating another community like this. There are so many brilliant and creative minds connected HERE; let's use that resource. Minecraft is going to be like any other game soon.
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    The Community needs to stick togather for bukkit not leave it :/
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    None of this is going to matter once Microsoft buys Mojang...RIP Minecraft
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    Hey, that was an expensive mic. You sicken me...
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    Must be a "you have to be a programmer to get it" joke.
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    I have a post for you Amaranth Who cares and go away. Bukkit was great while it lasted, but the amount of self pouting the CB team is doing is childish and absurd. Grow up, get a job and move on.
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    Check out a new project being worked on! DEVS NEEDED! Add me on skype: njmgopro
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    You da real MVP. <3
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  21. idc much.
    don't B^^*( dude people need dev's and who care's.
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    And people don't care about your project.
    If you have to advertise unfairly for people to see it, you're doing something wrong.
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    Why aren't bukkit accepting plugins no more :(
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    Because you failed the English portion of the exam.

    Seriously who is left that would even know how? Who ever is left is new or Mojang tools that are probably rewriting code to make sure Bukkit is EULA compliant to ensure the death of Minecraft.
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    Wtf, English portion of the exam?
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  29. i haven't advertised and it technically is fair.
    but it's k kid cya.
    *flys away*
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    I like cake.

    I hope something official is said about Bukkit soon.
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