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    RaddaMap - Map your players in the real world!
    Version: v0.3c


    make maps like this:

    How to install?
    Put the plugin in your /plugins folder.

    How do I configure the plugin?
    There is nothing to configure.
    Optional: Add "raddamap.hide" Permissions node to hide players from the map (If you have Permissions)

    Where to find your maps?
    When in game, type /raddamap
    You will be given two web site addresses.
    The first is the address to show locations of your online players.
    The second is the address to show locations of ALL your players.

    How does it work?
    The plugin is very lightweight, all the work is done on my webserver and database server.
    This is why there are ads on the pages.

    Live Example:
    online players : http://www.raddafiskie.com/raddamap/mapon?id=3
    all players: http://www.raddafiskie.com/raddamap/mapoff?id=3

    v0.3c - corrected bugs in v0.3b
    v0.3b - corrected bugs in v0.3
    v0.3 - fixed servers sharing maps that host on the same IP address
    v0.2 - added "raddamap.hide" Permissions option - to hide a player from the map
    v0.1 - Initial Release

    - Make switching between online/offline maps an option on the map itself
    - Create heavyweight version of plugin (ad-free)
    - Display overall player counts
    - Allow servers with dynamic IPs (changing IPs) to retain their maps between IP changes

    Character image generator @author billiam @version 0.1
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    tha d0ctor

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    Oh my f***ing god.

    Is this real? It seems too good to be true.
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    Do you mind giving a private version without your ads? I think my server can handle a small thing like this.
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    Wait on ur webserver? Stupid :p
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    he pays for the webserver if you want to pay for it go ahead
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    Ohh please think before you post. I have my own webserver it would be alot easier to just give the files like dynmap and have your own map on your OWN webserver...
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    what about an option that shows where the server is hosted with a small server/star image?

    true lol i just didn't think it was "stupid"

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    it is because

    A. We depend on HIS webserver
    B. We hope HIS webserver wont go down
    C. We have 0 Control
    D. It looks unproffessional with ads, I would never add something like that to my server if it contains adds
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    i agree with A and B. but, i don't depend on it, its not like worldguard where my servers going to hell.
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    tha d0ctor

    could you make an internal webserver so it hosts the map on your own server much like dynmap

    edit: also could you make it customizable that is doesn't send stats every minute to not use as much bandwidth please and thank you!
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    The reason it's on my webserver is to eliminate ALL configuration on your end.
    You just drop the plugin in your plugins folder and it works.
    I may make another version without ads, which would require you setup a webserver, database server and a geolocation service.

    - Raddafiskie

    I like that idea, should be easy to add in the next version.

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    That would be awesome :D

    Lol there are 54345345 other plugins that could easily replace worldguard and that do stuff that WE can't yet ;D But with depend on it I mean we depend on him allowing us to have that webmap :p
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    How about you just upload everything that "is already configured" on your server to give to the people? That is what they want, not the ad-placed remote-hosted unreliable stuff... This also means that we can't modify the files, so we can't add more things to it, or whatnot..

    Also there are plenty of geolocation services out there, you don't have to rely on "setting a geolocation serivce" up, Lol.
    Also most people who host servers already have a web server, or if they have a dedicated server like me, its' common sense on what to do.
    Also a database server is usually setup when people install LAMP (or simply php-mysql) so it is just a simple few clicks away.
    <snip - removed image>
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    If setting up the web server, database and geolocation service is easy for you and you don't mind it all running on your server, then you might as well just connect it all up and you won't need the plugin. This is how I've been creating these maps for awhile now, all the plugin does is take all the work off your hands.

    - Raddafiskie

    I may develop a plugin version without ads that runs everything on your server, but this will be awhile, as it's a lot to package together. I've reuploaded the plugin with 'nicer' stats sending, the online maps will auto refresh every 5 minutes.

    - Raddafiskie

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    Great Plugin! I run one of the servers used in testing for this, and it has performed admirably. It takes all the load of off configuration for a medium size server such as mine. I certainly hope it is continually updated and (eventually) provided to host with your own servers.

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    I just want it ad free. Also someone could easily abuse your ads and get your Adsense account suspended.
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    who cares about ads really cry about it you see them on EVERY website that generates traffic. give the guy feedback thats good other than advertisements.

    What if the map said how many people are on the map thats being displayed?
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    Sure, would something like this work? (a map of my server)
    I could probably add that as an option you could 'check' or 'uncheck'.
    Doesn't give you a total count, but sure makes it easier to make sense of lots of users.

    - Raddafiskie
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    I like that, could that be toggle-able?
    Is there a way to add up the numbers?
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    This is scary, do you give any users warning that you are tracking their location?
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  23. @vcazan Are you in the internet? Yes? Well then *SOMEONE* is tracking your location, probably multiple someones. It is a fact of the internet.

    Every news or company site you visit tracks your location to provide targeted services to you, they keep that information and a lot of other information (what browser you used, what operating system/version, what path you took through their site, what site you came from, what one you went to next) too! and those are just the reputable sites, the unreputable ones put tiny 1x1 pixel flash applications on their pages that track even more information about you and your browsing habits!

    And don't even get me started on malware.
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    OMG your kidding me! thats a joke you cannot possibly be scared someone will find out you minecraft IGN(in game name) and.. well what do you do from there seriously. haha i got your IGN.. so what do i do now? half of it isn't even right it says i live in kansas but im in michigan. and judging by your picture your a happy guy to be worried about something so stupid. and yes i got your picture omg haha in your face!!... well what do i do now? am i gonna go to the big cities walk around and look for your face no im going to grow up and not worry about something like this.
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    If you want to remain anonymous on the internet, you should use a proxy.
    Then your location wouldn't show up.
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    Done! (no need to update, change was made on the server)

    (update was to add a Star icon where the server is located, this may not be nearly as accurate as player locations, due to how hosting companies use IPs)

    Yes, I will make it toggle-able and add the total numbers somewhere on the page.

    Curious, as I was click-bombed after you posted this. Oh well, I have measures in place so those clicks don't count.
    Thanks for testing tho!

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    Lol, if you wish to accuse me of 'click bombing' your ads, go for it! :D
    Someone must have gotten my point.
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    not accusing you, just saying it happened that day, and was able to test blocking it, so now no worries.
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    Make it ad free bro.

    Almost all bukkit plugins are opensource.
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    I will make another version of this plugin without ads that will require you to have a webserver (php compliant), database (MySql), and a geolocation service (will probably pre-setup with hostip.info [but being free, it's not nearly as accurate]). That version won't have ads, due to you providing all the underlying services.

    - Raddafiskie

    (the reason I released this version first: I already had scripts making these for my server for weeks now, and it was really easy to make the plugin just send me your server stats to make the same maps. Adding self-hosting will take a little time, so if you don't want ads, just wait).

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