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    Version: v0.2
    Tested with Craftbukkit 953/Dynmap 0.19.1


    This plugin lets you define landmarks that will be saved into a JSON file, similar to the old MapMarkers for hMod. I have included a DynMap component that shows those landmarks as little icons on the map.

    If you like this, why not donate a few bucks? But don't worry, this plugin will always be free.​

    • Set and delete landmarks
    • Display them on a DynMap
    • Full support for multiple worlds
    Download Landmarks 0.2 (Jar only, dynmap component only)
    Source Code
    Older versions: 0.1.1, 0.1

    /landmark add <name>
    Set a new landmark to your current position. Name may contain spaces.
    /landmark modify <name>
    Set update an existing landmark to your current position. Name may contain spaces.
    /landmark set <name>
    Shortcut for add or modify depending if there already is a landmark with this name. Name may contain spaces.
    /landmark delete|del|remove <name>
    Remove an existing landmark. Name may contain spaces.

    (All permissions include the rights to use the matching aliases and shortcuts such as /landmark set)
    The player may use /landmark add
    The player may use /landmark modify on his own markers
    The player may use /landmark modify on all markers
    The player may use /landmark remove on his own markers
    The player may use /landmark remove on all markers

    • List existing landmarks
    • Show information like creator and time (already included in JSON file)
    • Think about priorities or grouping
    • Different icons? Probably larger icons for higher zoom levels.
    • Save display settings in cookies
    1. Just unpack the contents of the zip file into your bukkit folder.
    2. If you want to use the DynMap component:
      1. Go to plugins/Landmarks/config.yml and set markersfile to ../dynmap/web/markers.json
      2. If you have copied your dynmap/web folder to your Apache folder (as described in DynMap's setup instructions), use that path instead or use a symlink
      3. Go to plugins/dynmap/configuration.txt, find "components:" and add the following below it:
          - class: org.dynmap.ClientComponent
            type: landmarks
      4. Optional: to display the settings panel, add the following just above what you added in the last step:
          - class: org.dynmap.ClientComponent
            type: settings
    There's also a more detailed howto for Linux users below. Thanks, paccer!

    Version 0.2
    • Permissions support
    • New settings panel where people can select if they want to see the markers and marker texts (optional). See setup instructions step 2.4
    • Markers are now automatically removed from dynmap without reloading the page
    • New commands add and modify (they do basically the same as set, but you won't accidentally update an existing marker when you want to add a new one or the other way round)
    • The default config now contains the correct markersfile path for dynmap
    Version 0.1.1
    • Included config.yml and removed markers.json (will be created automatically)
    • Added a 2 pixel semi-transparent white border around the landmark icons
    • No changes to the jar file itself!
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    Replace the icon and edit landmarks.css
  3. Hi there,

    I'm just testing this out with dynmap 0.19.2 and got no errors but no landmarks. the line is added in the config-file of dynmap and i cant find any mistakes.
    any idea?

    using CB #953
    Dynmap 0.19.2
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    Server address or config please? Otherwise it's a lot of guesswork.
  5. Is there a way to have Landmarks list on the side also ? besides the settings, to have all Landmarks clickable.
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    the download is not working for me
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    Not yet, but it's on my todo list.

    Works fine for me. Maybe github was down for a moment.
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    Yes, Github was down. sorry!
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    I can't get it to work since Dynmap 19.1 .
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    Try this
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    Haha ok sorry :p
    So as I said, I can't get it to work since Dynmap 19.1 .
    Landmarks loads correctly, and I can create landmarks.
    They're in the marker.json too.
    I've added this :
      - class: org.dynmap.ClientComponent
        type: landmarks
      - class: org.dynmap.ClientComponent
        type: settings
    In the configuration.txt .

    But at the end, nothing appears on the map.
    (CB 953, Dynmap 19.2 and Landmarks 0.2)
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    I don't think that's the problem, but you should add settings before landmarks.

    Could you send me a link to your dynmap?
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    And after adding the component and installing dynmap/landmarks? How can I see the landmarks on the map?
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    Neither landmarks nor settings gets loaded. Have you checked if everything is in the right place and if yes, have you tried reloading your server?
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    I think Im having the same issues, seems its correctly installed, I get no errormessages or so, just wont show on the live map.
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    What do you mean by everything in the right place ? The landmarks and settings components are correctly (I think) in the configuration.txt of Dynmap.
    And I've restarted the server to switch settings and landmarks component as you said earlier.

    Here is the component section from my configuration.txt from Dynmap :

    # All paths in this configuration file are relative to Dynmap's data-folder: minecraft_server/plugins/dynmap/
      - class: org.dynmap.ClientConfigurationComponent
      - class: org.dynmap.InternalClientUpdateComponent
        sendhealth: true
        sendposition: true
        allowwebchat: true
        webchat-interval: 5
        hidewebchatip: false
        trustclientname: false
      #- class: org.dynmap.JsonFileClientUpdateComponent
      #  writeinterval: 1
      #  sendhealth: true
      #  sendposition: true
      #  allowwebchat: false
      #  hidewebchatip: false
      #- class: org.dynmap.SimpleWebChatComponent
      #  allowchat: true
      - class: org.dynmap.herochat.HeroWebChatComponent
        # Control which HeroChat channel messages from web are directed to
        herochatwebchannel: Global
        # Control which channels are monitored and reported to the web
          - Global
          #- Trade
          #- Haggle
      - class: org.dynmap.ClientComponent
        type: chat
      - class: org.dynmap.ClientComponent
        type: settings
      - class: org.dynmap.ClientComponent
        type: landmarks
      - class: org.dynmap.ClientComponent
        type: chatballoon
        focuschatballoons: false
      - class: org.dynmap.ClientComponent
        type: chatbox
        showplayerfaces: true
        messagettl: 5
      - class: org.dynmap.ClientComponent
        type: playermarkers
        showplayerfaces: true
        showplayerhealth: true
      #- class: org.dynmap.ClientComponent
      #  type: digitalclock
      - class: org.dynmap.ClientComponent
        type: timeofdayclock
        showdigitalclock: true
        showweather: true
      #- class: org.dynmap.regions.RegionsComponent
      #  type: regions
      #  name: WorldGuard
      #  useworldpath: true
      #  filename: regions.yml
      #  basenode: regions
      #  use3dregions: true
      #  infowindow: '<div class="infowindow"><span style="font-size:120%;">%regionname% - %priority% (%parent%)</span><br /> Owners <span style="font-weight:bold;">%playerowners% %groupowners%</span><br />Members <span style="font-weight:bold;">%playermembers% %groupmembers%</span><br />Flags<br /><span style="font-weight:bold;">%flags%</span></div>'
      #  regionstyle:
      #    strokeColor: "#FF0000"
      #    strokeOpacity: 0.8
      #    strokeWeight: 3
      #    fillColor: "#FF0000"
      #    fillOpacity: 0.35
      #  # Optional setting to limit which regions to show, by name - if commented out, all regions are shown
      #  visibleregions:
      #    - homebase
      #    - miningsite
      #- class: org.dynmap.TestComponent
      #  stuff: "This is some configuration-value"
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    Alright, found it. It looks as if landmarks.js and settings.js are missing in your dynmap/web/js folder and as far as I can see, the CSS files and images are missing, too.
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    I just checked, that's right.
    What should I do ?
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    Copy the files from the zip file into the folders where they belong.
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    Thanks a lot for all the help :)
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    crash if i try use
  23. DO WANT

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    is this a current priority? this is a feature that I would enjoy very much
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    Great plugin, am really enjoying it on my server.
    Would love to see somethings along the lines of:
    • Perhaps a new folder to house the icons (../dynmap/web/images/landmarks/(file names, such as House.png)
    • A command to allow for multiple types of landmarks (/landmark add House "My House") to create a landmark using the file "House.png" as the icon and "My House" as the message.
    • Possibly a popout list or dropbox with the available icons on that particular server (Not sure how that would work in the code, can the script just pull the names of the .pngs in the above folder or would the server admin need to create text-list of the icons?)
    Anyway, we're all enjoying this plugin- it's making getting around so much easier.
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    I'd really enjoy a Towny component for this showing towns in the map :D

    Nice plugin, nice work :)
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    Is there a possibility to mark places with signs?

    would be awesome, my server doesnt like commands (and me too ;) )
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    The config options are not showing for me. They are on the botton, so they are not showed, How can i fix that?

    (You can see what i mean: http://minec.wowtemplars.es/# in the right menu, when it sais "Ciudades" that should me landmark config, i just translated)
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    i have a problem with loading icons... when i click on right menu always i see only names...
    this is my config
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    I usually have the same problem. Throughout all versions of dynmap and Landmarks I've had to refresh the map in my browser a few times just to get both the landmarks and the controls in the right panel to both load at the same time. Sometimes I'll get one, sometimes I'll get the other; it's rare that they both load at the same time the first time I open the map. I'm using Google Chrome, but I've seen it in FireFox, too.
  31. This plugin is great, im using Dynmap, how do i force the landmark text to always be shown? Even for new visitors

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