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    Version: v0.2
    Tested with Craftbukkit 953/Dynmap 0.19.1


    This plugin lets you define landmarks that will be saved into a JSON file, similar to the old MapMarkers for hMod. I have included a DynMap component that shows those landmarks as little icons on the map.

    If you like this, why not donate a few bucks? But don't worry, this plugin will always be free.​

    • Set and delete landmarks
    • Display them on a DynMap
    • Full support for multiple worlds
    Download Landmarks 0.2 (Jar only, dynmap component only)
    Source Code
    Older versions: 0.1.1, 0.1

    /landmark add <name>
    Set a new landmark to your current position. Name may contain spaces.
    /landmark modify <name>
    Set update an existing landmark to your current position. Name may contain spaces.
    /landmark set <name>
    Shortcut for add or modify depending if there already is a landmark with this name. Name may contain spaces.
    /landmark delete|del|remove <name>
    Remove an existing landmark. Name may contain spaces.

    (All permissions include the rights to use the matching aliases and shortcuts such as /landmark set)
    The player may use /landmark add
    The player may use /landmark modify on his own markers
    The player may use /landmark modify on all markers
    The player may use /landmark remove on his own markers
    The player may use /landmark remove on all markers

    • List existing landmarks
    • Show information like creator and time (already included in JSON file)
    • Think about priorities or grouping
    • Different icons? Probably larger icons for higher zoom levels.
    • Save display settings in cookies
    1. Just unpack the contents of the zip file into your bukkit folder.
    2. If you want to use the DynMap component:
      1. Go to plugins/Landmarks/config.yml and set markersfile to ../dynmap/web/markers.json
      2. If you have copied your dynmap/web folder to your Apache folder (as described in DynMap's setup instructions), use that path instead or use a symlink
      3. Go to plugins/dynmap/configuration.txt, find "components:" and add the following below it:
          - class: org.dynmap.ClientComponent
            type: landmarks
      4. Optional: to display the settings panel, add the following just above what you added in the last step:
          - class: org.dynmap.ClientComponent
            type: settings
    There's also a more detailed howto for Linux users below. Thanks, paccer!

    Version 0.2
    • Permissions support
    • New settings panel where people can select if they want to see the markers and marker texts (optional). See setup instructions step 2.4
    • Markers are now automatically removed from dynmap without reloading the page
    • New commands add and modify (they do basically the same as set, but you won't accidentally update an existing marker when you want to add a new one or the other way round)
    • The default config now contains the correct markersfile path for dynmap
    Version 0.1.1
    • Included config.yml and removed markers.json (will be created automatically)
    • Added a 2 pixel semi-transparent white border around the landmark icons
    • No changes to the jar file itself!
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    Yes, you can disable the plugin at any time. The dynmap component only reads markers.json
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    So I have landmark.js and markers.json FINALLY. But I still can't get landmarks up when I set them! :(
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    no more dynmap, no more landmarks?
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    Dynmap still works. The only feature I can not get to work is ingame chat showing in the browser
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    Post the download link please? the plugin was deleted!!! :( my in game chat worked when i had it...
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    It's not deleted, just moved to inactive because the author doesn't appear to be supporting it in the forums.

    Just download it, place the files into your sever like other plugins, it will work. I don't use anything fancy for my server so it all works for me. Except the chat function :/ I'd love to get that and landmarks to work on it but I haven't had time to really play with it just yet.


    Scratch that, the author has returned, last page at this moment he has posted.


    I just did a fresh install of Dynmap .16 and landmarks. Everything works. Though, if you had original landmarks, they are gone, they vanished on me.
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    Probably because you deleted your dynmap folder where your markers.json was?

    I've just pushed a version with its own settings panel to github. The only thing missing for 0.2 is some stylesheet magic.

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    I know I deleted it. It happened a few weeks ago when I was messing with the dynmap folder and just deleted everything instead and forgot the landmark's database was still in there.
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    I know I'm about a month late, but it's done. I just pushed 0.2 to github. Give me a minute to update the opening post.

    Important note: Landmarks now contains another dynmap component to display some settings in the sidebar. I wanted to separate that from the rest, so other components can use it, too. If you want to use it together with Landmarks, be sure to add it to your dynmap configuration.txt before the line that loads landmarks.
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    please notice new upload build of dynmap 0.16 from sunday 08. may with 2 new config parts (whitelist + worldguard regions). i don't know if landmarks need to update on that version.
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    I don't think that should cause any trouble, but I'll have a look.
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    Yes, the 0.2v version of Landmarks is not compatible with the unofficial 0.16 Dynmap (components -settings and -landmark do not show up, nor do the icons on the map itself)
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    i dont know what to do with this i am new with setting up a server, also its plugins and need some help with this plugin step by step. because when i add the plugin to the folder add the permissions it does say nothing else is needed but when i try to go to the server map and look at it i can't connect to it please tell me what i am doing wrong xD
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    I am having Trouble with this addon

    the instrustions here say Go to plugins/dynmap/configuration.txt

    So when I go to plugins and Dynmap I do not see Configuration.txt I see a folder called web and more stuff inside that, Could someone please assist me, I'm still fairly new to this i've had no hard time installing other addons, but these instructions do not make sense when the things its telling you to mess with are not there.
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    You have to install dynmap separately. What you find in my zip file is an addon to dynmap, not dynmap itself.
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    I just lost all my markers for some reason, and I don't have a backup... so that's too bad. I updated to 0.2 and they just vanished : /
    They are in the markers.json file, correct?

    Dynmap: 0.15
    Landmarks: 0.2 (was working PERFECTLY on 0.1 before I updated)

    ...in other news I would love to see some different waypoints if possible! For instance, I'd love some major city waypoints, and then some minor ones for city features,
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    Please, can you tell me where are saved all the landmarks ?
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    Can I get a link to Dynamic Map? can't seem to find it
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    I modded landmarks 0.2 to support different icon types on our sever, as it might be of interest to some people (the feature was requested somewhere in the thread) i will post it here.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    New command:
    /landmark type [type]
    whereby the argument is optional (if left out it will reset to "Default" type, which is the old house icon)
    This type is set for all markers that are created afterwards. Modifying existing markers still only modifies position, to change the type of a marker you would have to delete and recreate it.

    Important: you can use /landmark type with any type you like, but you have to define it in the landmarks.css for it to show up on dynmap. if you use "/landmark type Foo" without adding the relevant class .iconFoo to the .css, there will be no marker shown on the map (although with text set to 'always on' it will still show up)

    There are 3 types available by default, "Default" (which is the house that landmarks uses by itself too), "Castle" and "Gate", visible in the first image. In the second image above there are some additional icons i made for our server, which i can also share if someone wants them.
    To change these, or add more, look into the landmarks.css. it should be fairly obvious how to add additional ones from the existing classes .iconDefault, .iconCastle and .iconGate

    To port over existing markers, you have to manually edit markers.json and add a key "type" with the desired type as the value to each marker entry, for example:
    You have to do this while the server is offline, otherwise plugin will overwrite the .json file when the server restarts

    Download Landmarks 0.2 multi-type mod (Jar only, dynmap component only)
    Note: remember that if you moved dynmap to another folder, you have to move everything in Landmarks/dynmap/web to your new dynmap folder, or use the dynmap component and extract it to your dynmap folder.

    EDIT: with dynmap 0.16 there seems to be a problem with topdown view, but isometric works fine. looks like it uses the x-z rotated 90°, and scales them to the new max-zoomed-out zoom level instead of the default zoom level

    PS: to the person who couldnt find dynmap:
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    Thank you so much, I was one of the people who requested this! This is fantastic!

    Edit: For some reason I cannot get any landmarks to show up after updating dynmap and using the above version of landmarks (the multi-type mod.) I have not tried the unmodified landmarks, but I will do so in a few if I can't fix things. Nothing shows up right now, simply. (I am on dynmap 0.16.1)

    Files are correctly writing to the json file, which I started over with anyway... so this is pretty strange. I have tried the default and the stargate icons, and everything should be installed correctly, including those related images in the images folder.
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    hm that is strange.

    one problem i had more than once, was the browser cache refusing to go away and show the new data, even if did a full refresh, only after manually deleting the cache dynmap updated properly. maybe that works in your case too, but if not, i can't think of anything off the top of my hat why it wouldn't work. i will look into it, as at our server it works perfectly, and did so with 0.15, 0.16-5 inofficial, 0.16 (albeit with the topdown problem) and 0.17.
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    its possible to add mor types?
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    erm.. really, read the posts above ;) our admin zap34r made exactly this modification :)
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    Just to rule out some possibilities:
    • Did your dynmap work without the landmarks mod ? (probably, if not it may be a dynmap config problem not a landmarks one)
    • Did landmarks 0.2 unmodded work? (by "starting over" did you mean reinstalled everything, including dynmap? in which case you may either have forgotten to re-add the components to the dynmap configuration.txt as described in the OP, or some landmarks files are missing if you only installed my modified version of landmarks, i did not include all landmarks files in my zip, only those that were modified)
    • If yes, is your dynmap URL moved from the default plugins/dynmap/web folder (probably) in which case, did you put the modified .css and .js into newfolder/[css|js] instead of plugins/dynmap/web/[css|js] ? (i think they need to be in the used webfolder not in the plugins subfolder for it to work)
    • Do the markers work with text set to always on? (if the marker names are visible but the icons are not, that would point to the css being misconfigured, though at least the default types should work)
    • Did you properly set the type of your markers before adding them, and i should add, its case-sensitive, so "/landmark type gate" should not work, only "/landmark type Gate". You should get chat feedback when you add a marker that tells you what kind of marker you added (alternatively you can just manually check the markers.json to see if "type":"[yourtype]" is set correctly, which i think you said you did, so that may not apply)
    Thats all i can think of right now that could go wrong. I will now proceed to try and remove and reinstall landmarks with my mod and see if it works that way for me.

    EDIT: ok so when i reinstalled it, it actually didn't work, because even though i listed it in the bullet points here like 2 minutes before, i still forgot to move the landmarks settings.css and settings.js to the moved dynmap folder :D when i did copy them over, it worked.
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    Hey, great mod! If you send me the sources (or create a fork on github), I'll include it in future official releases. And while we're at it: I have some work for university I have to hand in tomorrow and some other stuff which is due on wednesday. But after that I might have some time to work on Landmarks 0.3
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    heh, thanks
    i will do that, if i manage to work out how github works. im not really used to revision control systems, and in the past had my fair share of troubles with SVN and Mercurial :D
    what would be good additions i didnt include yet:
    - some better way to add more icons. changing the .css manually isnt really elegant, better would be to have a simple name : icon pairing in some config section, and generate/update the .css at plugin load. less complicated for users, less prone to errors, and proof against future changes in the .css layout
    - a check to make sure only types that exist get added to the .json, should work fine in combination with the above. that way it gets harder to accidentally add invisible markers all over the place by a simple typo
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    Yeah, I suppose the best way would be to call css('background-image', 'marker' + icon) or something. Problem is that this would restrict you to a fixed size. I'll think about it.
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    right, the size :/ i guess one could just specify x-y dimensions of the icon, and if nothing is given, 16x16 or something is assumed. or just enforce some big enough size of lets say 64x64, because adding more empty space around a smaller icon isnt really an issue i guess.
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    I keep saying people say set to always on. Where exactly is this option.

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