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    === SimplePing ===
    Hello, I just learned some Java coding and I wanted to make a simple plugin. So I made a plugins called SimplePing, it's another ping plugin, simply used to check if the server is responding! I will update it for future craftbukkit versions if it breaks! This is simply inspired by Essentials, with the /ping command, except if you want a vanilla server and not to be tempted to gamemode yourself!
    === Issues ===
    There are no issues, I don't really see what issues will occur, if there are any just pm me!
    === Uses ===
    This could be useful in servers that are in development and need someway to tell if they are responding or your plugin just doesn't work! Or in any server that doesn't want crazy commands from essentials!
    === Forums ===
    === Files ===
    === Changelog ===
    SimplePing 1.0
    • Initial Release
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