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    Hi, I am in need of a plugin that could be used to show information to the players of my server.
    I am currently learning java myself, but I haven't gotten longer then to be able to make a webpage Applet that says one thing and is inside a box :p And I for some reason can't even change the size of that box ;)

    Ok, so here is my idea:
    A sign that when activated switches to another message in a list, or switches automatically every x seconds. The switching should follow the list from start to end.
    If the sign is left alone (if in the case of needing activation) for, say 20 seconds (some people are slow readers *cough*) it resets to the first message.
    The very last message should be the creator of the sign, but can be ignored, it should be a choice actually.

    The How-To?
    An admin (or player if it is set like that) places a sign.
    Either types in a predefined message that makes the sign show several messages. Like typing in message board.
    After that the creator can type '/sign 1', while targetting the sign, popping up the "sign writer" (standard thingie :p) and then can write the first message, typing '/sign 2' for the next one, and so on.
    And to sign the sign (the player signs his name) he would type '/sign sign'.
    Also, the ability to use predefined messages from a flatfile would be good.
    Like typing "message board" on the first line and then the saved message title on the second would automatically make it show that message.

    I hope this was suitably formatted and explained.
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    maybe make it redstone powered so it can be like a slide show?
    just click the button when u want the next slide
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    Another great option would be allowing the sign to pull from the web, like a mini rss-aggregator!
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    If so I myself would want it to be optionable as my suggestion was the same, but without a button :p

    That is actually a nice idea, but I think that would require more work then necessary. But still a really cool idea, so you could update the News on the server webpage and it will be added to News signs in-game for those who never check the webpage.
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    I would think it seems like no one else is interessted in a plugin like this? Too bad my Java studies aren't going too well then :p

    If there exists a similair plugin already, could someone point me to it?
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    I think that the hardest thing of this plugin is the regocnizing of the sign and the saving of the signs

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