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    OreDetector - Finding ores & dungeons easily:
    Version: v0.2
    Download: Download latest version here
    Older versions: v0.1
    • Is your diamond tool broken again? Or you need some lapislazuli for your dye?
    • Are you sick of digging over hundrets of blocks until finding some pieces of rare ore?
    • Haven't found a dungeon for weeks or not at all?
    • Does it gnaw at your conscience when using /i or /give commands to obtain ores of your choice?
    OreDetector helps you a bit without cheating!

    OreDetector1.jpg OreDetector2.jpg OreDetector3.jpg

    • Detects COAL, IRON, GOLD, DIAMOND, LAPISLAZULI, REDSTONE or MOSSY COBBLESTONE nearby the player and sends him a hint message
    • Player can switch detection on/off, change detection sensitivity and select the ores to get notified for
    • Permissions support (but not required!)
    How to use

    Just move around below the surface and you will get notified when ore is around. By default detection for Iron, Gold, Diamond, Lapislazuli and Mossy Cobblestone is enabled.

    The notification contains a hint how many block between you and the ore are. So you still need to dig around a bit to find it!

    Note: You won't get repeating notifications for the same ore block, if the distance to it is not changing. Just move around if notification stops and try to get closer to the ore.
    Try around a bit. You will get a feeling for it ;)

    Not all ores types are found on every elevation. See the following graph if you like to learn more about ore occurences and their typical elevation:

    Show Spoiler

    • /odrange [none|low|normal|far]
      • none = Detection off
      • low|normal|far = Detection sensitivity
    • /odtype [c|i|g|d|r|l|m|*]
      • c = Coal
      • i = Iron
      • g = Gold
      • d = Diamond
      • r = Redstone
      • l = Lapislazuli
      • m = Mossy Cobblestone
      • * = ALL
      • You may combine the letters as you like, e.g. use /odtype gdl to find Gold, Diamond and Lapislazuli only
    Warning: Enabling all types together isn't recommended if you actually want to find rare ores. You will get notified on the first occurance of any ore you selected. As Coal ist the most common ore and is around you at any time, you will get notified for coal at first, even if there are diamonds e.g. two blocks onward. So you have to mine the coal first, to get notified for the diamonds then. Enabling detection for the rare ores only (or these you are urgently looking for) and disabling the other ones is more effective then.


    Just Copy OreDetector.jar in your plugin directory and reload your server or plugin manager.


    You may configure OreDetector by altering the config.yml file within the plugins/OreDetector folder. It looks like:

        range: NORMAL
        types: GDLM
        fallbackop: true
    Possible properties are:
    • default:
      • range: [NONE|LOW|NORMAL|FAR]
        • Defines the initial detection range for new players
      • types: [C|I|G|D|R|L|M]
        • Defines the initial ores to be detected for new players
        • Each letters stands for its corresponding ore (see command /odtype)
        • You may combine the letters, e.g. GDL for Gold, Diamond and Lapislazuli
    • permission:
      • fallbackop: [true|false]
        • Defines how OreDetector should handle permissions if no supported Permission plugin is found. If set to true, only players mentioned in ops.txt may use the plugin. If set to false, ALL players may use OreDetector.

    Permission nodes for Permissions plugin by TheYeti.
    Last tested version: v3.1.4
    • oredetector.*
      • Allow everything
    • oredetector.range.*
      • Allows the player to use all ranges
    • oredetector.range.low
      • Allows the player to switch range to LOW
    • oredetector.range.normal
      • Allows the player to switch range to NORMAL
    • oredetector.range.far
      • Allows the player to switch range to FAR
    • oredetector.type.*
      • Allows the player to enable detection for all ore types.
    • oredetector.type.coal
      • Allows the player to enable detection for coal.
    • oredetector.type.iron
      • Allows the player to enable detection for iron.
      • Allows the player to enable detection for gold.
    • oredetector.type.diamond
      • Allows the player to enable detection for diamond.
      • Allows the player to enable detection for redstone.
    • oredetector.type.lapislazuli
      • Allows the player to enable detection for lapislazuli.
    • oredetector.type.mossystone
      • Allows the player to enable detection for mossy cobblestone.
    If Permissions is not installed, the fallback method depends on how you configured it in the config.yml file!

    Planed Features (in future releases):
    • Ore priority choosable, means player can select which ore should be notified at first
    Known bugs
    • none

    Version 0.2 (June 08, 2011)
    • Added more detailed permission nodes
    • Added configuration options
    • Fixed weird notification behavior when flying out of vertical world bounds
    Version 0.1 (May 14, 2011)
    • Initial release (Fork from DiamondDetector)
    Suggestions and bug reports are always welcome! Please report also performance issues when using the plugin with many players! I can't test that.

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    Looks like a nice plugin for the few people who don't have an xray mod :D
    Edit: Found a bug! If you fly above the height limit, this happens:
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    ''OreDetector helps you a bit without cheating!''

    I would say this is cheating lol. But yeah cool little plugin.
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    C'mon..just don't fly so hight! :p But okay, i'll have a look for it.

    Thanks buddy ;)
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    how do i get the permissions plugin?
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    Woah dude, don't quote the entire first post! Steps to get the permissions plugin:
    1. Move your mouse over this link, then click it.
    2. Look where it says "Latest stable", move your mouse over the "Full zip" link, and click.
    3. Extract the plugin to your plugins folder.
    :D lol
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    Well, i know but you can see the plugin as detection "device" which allows you, upon equiped, finding ores in the terrain. Like a sonar or whatever in real life :p. Maybe i add a block or item later that enables/disables the notification when equiped. I just developed this cause i think that spawning items in your inventory doesn't reach the fun as when digging around. So this only gives you hints. You still need to dig around a bit to actually find the "naturally" spawned ores.

    Thanks for liking it anyway ;)
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    would you mind sharing the source of your plugin? i am planning to do something roughly similar as part of a plugin, and i guess theres no need to reinvent the wheel if its already done, and works good :)
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    I guess you're looking for a method that finds a certain block type nearby a defined location?
    I'm planning to release a library with common operations on bukkit entities which will also include that.
    Surly you can use from there then. But just to make it reusable and assure a single point of maintenence i think bundling it into a library makes sense.
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    indeed makes sense. sounds like a good plan, any estimated timeframe yet?
  12. How do you set it to find dungeons?
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    Just enable detection for mossy stone, cause that is naturally found within a dungeon.
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    Yep, works great. My players love this plugin, especially the possibility to change range and type ingame!
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    I am waiting for an update.
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    An update for what? Or do you mean that it doesn't work anymore with the current bukkit release? There were no API breakages, so it should work with 803 aswell. You may test it if you like and post your result here.

    Personally i will wait updating my server and update my plugins, awaiting the next build after the MC 1.6 update coming this week.
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    I can confirm that OreDetector runs very good with 803. Not a single problem...
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    I need configuration file, to change default settings for each type of ore: range and types.
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    I was wondering how hard it would be to add permissions for each ore type. The thought is to use this paired with another plugin BuyAbilities and iConomy to allow a player to slowly buy they way up to the best ores. You could make it so a player can buy any ore type or require the player to buy them in order one at a time. I think this would make this Plugin much more versatile. Just a thought. Thanks for the plugin.
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    ??? any update
    please, I need a configure file, to set the default options to all players.
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    This is not working properly under Craftbukkit 818.

    This node clearly does not work:

    - 'oredetector.use'

    That is the only node i have allowed and yet, people can set the ORE and the RANGE.

    I am using permissions 2.7.x the most recent before 3.x

    If the only node that exists in my permissions file on any world is "oredetctor.use" why are users still capable of setting range and ore type?

    Unfortunately, this has to be pulled for me.
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    No word or update since May 23rd. So let's do the math..

    - Joins on May 10th and becomes a Plugin Dev.
    - Posts this plugin on May 14th
    - 1.6 comes out May 30th.
    - Today is June 6th.
    - The plugin dev last posted on May 23rd, and also said this:
    - 1.6 Has come out. It has been out for 7 full days. And yet no post from this developer for the past 14 days -2 weeks-.

    The lesson?

    Be wary on using plug-ins from new developers. Dedication is something far too many lack. The plugin developers that are often part of this process are such "short attention span people", who lack "dedication", so that these fly-by night devs make a plugin and then forget about it as quickly as it took them to make. Or they take 2+ week Hiatus and then return surprised to find their page listed as [Inactive] and a few disgruntled server admins that had chosen to use their offering. Because that is what it is. It is an offering. It is being made for us. And as much as many would like to say that it is out of the kindness, charity and sacrafice of ones heart, for many it is out of the excitement of ones own ego or challenge to one's self, that one produces a plugin for free for Minecraft Servers. And of course, yes, many do really produce them because they wish to help the community. And we need more of this sort of person because in general, they have the dedication of heart to not produce a single version use item, which may as well have never been produced at all if it is not to be kept up, since it only causes people to rearrange the server for a plug-in that wont exist 2-4 weeks later.

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    You're not bad in making hasty conclusions and getting rude for something that is provided to you for free. I don't think that this is the right manner. I'm working fully time as a software developer and make my bukkit plugins casually. So all what i expect from you is a little bit of patience.

    As you can see in the plugin description, this plugin isn't yet supported for 818.
    As you can also see in the plugin description, when permissions plugin is not found, the plugin can be used by everyone. I didn't test it yet with 818 and the current Permissions version but as i can see in the documentation of both, nothing has changed on hooking into Permissions. So i just believe, your permissions plugin doesn't identifies itself correctly.

    But i will test that...
    Additionally there will be an option to configure fallback behavior for permissions in the next release of OreDetector.

    @ all
    Anyone else who can confirm the issue reported by GehannaGirl?
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    nice update, thx
    How about an option to filter the messages (minimum time 1 message: x seconds)
    Will be a little less spam
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    I already thought about notifying the user more sparely. But i guess that would be more confusing than helpfull while searching for the ore block . The distance to the detected block is being sent every time the player moves to another (block)-position and ONLY if the distance to the ore-block has changed after the movement. So to find the block you will need to move around and try to decrease the distance (trial and error). But that is only possible if you get an direct feedback after you have moved to another block.

    Means delaying the notification for less-spam-reasons would distort the quality of the feedback. I don't think that would be helpfull.

    However the player has already the possibility to reduce the console output of the plugin by narrowing the detection distance and the ores types.

    Running the plugin on FAR with all ore types enabled doesn't make sense.
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    I've found that the detection distance isn't working correctly. I have the default distance set to NORMAL, but when a new player logs on for the first time, it doesn't add them to the playerrange.dat file and they're detecting ores at a FAR range (~8 blocks away). I have had to add all of my players manually to that file, but the playerores.dat file works perfectly. Also, is there any way we can choose a numbered distance to set instead of low, normal, or far? Maybe that will help some of the glitches as well. While I was playing around with it, I've gotten a diamond notification on NORMAL distance at 124 blocks away. That only happened once, but sometimes each set distance can even detect ores at up to 5 blocks greater than what it should if the player moves the right way. Still really enjoy the plugin though, and thanks in advance for anything you can do.
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    Thanks for your feedback so far. But i couldn't reproduce the fact that players are not added to config automatically. Does anyone else have this issue? That 124 blocks things was maybe an overflow. Have you been close to the sky? Anyway, i will fix it as soon as possible. Thanks!
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    Yes, I was flying for the 120+ notification, so that's not really a problem. But thanks for your reply. I'll try to redownload the plugin from scratch and see if that works, since you can't reproduce it. I'll look out for any new versions. Thanks for the great plugin!

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