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    DiamondDetector - Finding diamonds easily:
    Version: v0.2
    Download: Download latest version here
    Note: This plugin will not be further developed. However you may switch to OreDetector which also contains the functionality of DiamondDetector, but more generic.
    • Is your diamond tool broken again?
    • Are you sick of digging over hundrets of blocks until finding some pieces of diamond ore?
    • Does it gnaw at your conscience when using /i or /give commands to obtain diamond ore?
    DiamondDetector helps you a bit without cheating!

    DiamondDetector1.jpg DiamondDetector2.jpg

    • Detects diamond ore nearby the player and sends him a hint message
    • Player can switch detection on/off and change detection sensitivity
    • Permission support (but not required!)
    How to use

    Just dig around below level 20 (naturally diamond won't be found over this level) and you will get notified when diamond ore is around. This plugin doesn't detect diamond that is unnaturally spawned above level 20!

    The notification contains a hint how many block between you and the diamond ore are. So you still need to dig around a bit to find it!

    • /ddrange [none|low|normal|far]
      • none = Detection off
      • low|normal|far = Detection sensitivity

    Copy DiamondDetector.jar in your plugin directory and reload your server or plugin manager. Detection is on and runs on normal by default (unless permission restrictions are set).


    There is NO configuration needed at all. However you can edit the players.dat file at your own risk.


    Permission nodes for Permissions plugin by TheYeti.
    Last tested version: v2.7.3
    • diamonddetector.use
      • Allows the player to use the plugin
    • diamonddetector.range
      • Allows the player to change the detection sensitivity
    If Permissions is not installed, all players are allowed to detect diamonds!

    Planed Features (in future releases):
    • Make default range assigned to players configureable
    • Fork to OreDetector (done) and a more generic BlockDetector
    • More detailed permission nodes for ranges
    • Any suggestions?

    Version 0.2 (May 13, 2011)
    • Improved search algorithm
    • Added option to switch detection on/off or set sensitivity
    • Added support for Permissions 2.7.3 plugin by TheYeti
    Version 0.1 (May 10, 2011)
    • Initial release
    Suggestions and bug reports are always welcome!

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    Great plugin! Would be awesome if there was any permission support.[diamond]
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    Thanks! I will consider Permission support in the next releases.
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    I added support for Permissions plugin now, cause i think it's the most common plugin used for permission handling. Or what else do you people use/need?

    I'm also waiting for bukkit having permissions handling implemented natively...
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    I would like to request allowing permissions for various ranges. ^_^ Much obliged!
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    Some questions before I download.

    1. Is detection on by default?
    2. Can I set default detection range in the config?

    Just need to know, as I am thinking of adding this plugin as a perk to the Dwarven characters on the server. :p
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    Okay what permissions plugin(s) to you want to have supported?

    1. Yes, see description below "Installation"
    2. Not directly but to set the default range per player, edit the players.dat and set either NONE, LOW, NORMAL or FAR at the corresponding players name. Then dissallow the player to change it's range by revoking the permission diamonddetector.range for him.

    Hope that helps ;)

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    I just use Permissions 2.7 (Phoenix) by TheYeti. So, I guess that one. Other than that, Awesome! Thanks much. =)
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    But this is already supported :eek: Have a look in the description.
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    I'm asking for permission nodes for each view distance. Like diamonddetector.range.far to allow or disallow using the far range for some users. So I may give different people access to different ranges, without limiting them to only one range. (Also, if you disallow range changing, users aren't allowed to turn it off)
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    Okay, sure, i add that to my TODO list.
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    fregaPT I steal plugins as my own

    Hey there
    Anyway of posting the source code?
    I wanna see how did you do that :D
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    Mine is not working. i add the permission node, but nothing! any help?

    : btw, your plugin OreDetector work fine o-o
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    1. Is the plugin loading? Means is there a line at startup that says "Load DiamondDetector v0.2 maintained by _skyler_"
    2. Any error messages on startup or while walking around near diamond?
    3. Did you apply both permission nodes?
    4. Whats the content of your players.dat in the DiamondDetector folder?
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    fregaPT I steal plugins as my own

    Hey there
    Can u post the source code?
    In github maybe
    Please answer this ...
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    1. yes
    2. no. no error
    3. yes i did.
    4. all player set to normal

    if it can help, i place a diamondore block to test it if it work or not
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    I will see. Be patient.
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    yhis plugin makes a lot of spam :(
    Can you set a timer to show message only after each x seconds?
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    Seth Walton

    I really there was a global option which you could set the default diamond detection range for all users who join.
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    any update?
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    do you know other plugins like this?
    seems, this is abandoned.
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    There will be an update of OreDetector soon.
    Please be a bit patient.
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    the thing is most people have Xray mod XD its good plugin but bit pointless still good plugin :D

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