Inactive [INFO] MinecraftViewer v1.0d - Generate Server Banners / Sig Images with live player stats [1.2.5+]

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    Steve Member

    MinecraftViewer - Generate Server Banners / Sig Images featuring live stats:
    Version: v1.0d

    This plugin works with to create banners & signature images for your Minecraft server featuring live stats graphs for your players, perfect for forum signatures :)

    Example Banners
    Small Banner - 350x20
    Large Banner - 560x95

    • Adds query protocol support to your Minecraft server
    • Works with to generate banner image featuring player stats graphs
    • Multiple Background Images to select from
    • Custom Background Images Supported
    • Supports Dynamic IP servers via DynDNS
    • *New* Native Support in Minecraft v1.0+ (no need for a plugin anymore)
    Getting Started - Minecraft Retail v1.0+
    1. Enable Query Support by setting enable-query=true in
    2. Visit to create and configure your server banners
    Getting Started - Old Beta Versions of Minecraft Only
    1. Download the CraftBukkit plugin
    2. Place the MinecraftViewer.jar in you server plugins directory
    3. Restart your server or reload the plugins with /reload
    4. Visit to create and configure your server banners
    Known Issues

    • IKVM's DatagramSocket handling functions are broken which prevents MinecraftViewer from working correctly, use a standard JRE instead of IKVM to fix.
    Version 1.0d
    • Added a potential fix for buggy JRE or possibly LINUX kernel not timing out socket receive calls, causing a shutdown hang.
    Version 1.0c
    • Added potential fix for buggy JRE closing UDP ports when receiving ICMP port unreachable packets
    Version 1.0b
    • Added debugging option to help support
    Version 1.0a
    • Added comma separator between world names for multi world servers
    Version 1.0
    • Initial release
    Also Available - Voice Comms Status Blocks

    If you like this you might also like which generates live status blocks for Teamspeak, Ventrilo & Mumble to embed on you website.

    Example Status Block generated by
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    i can get the mine craft viewer to read the ip i put in but i don't want my ip shown on the banner i want my domain name but it's no showing
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    Steve Member

    Put the dns name in then, as long as it resolves to the servers IP it will work.
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    Hi, I recently added a static IP (by No-IP) and queries are going on

    My banner shows that my server is offline while it's always online.
    Besides it shows up an old IP while mine changed.

    What's happening ?
    Queries don't seem to work for me.

    Cya !

    Edit: My port is forwarded and firewall does not block it too.
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    Steve Member isnt a valid IP, you need to set it to a valid IP ;-)
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    That's not my IP of course...
    It worked before changing to a static IP.
    That's what I meant
    My IP is eventually at this time.
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    Steve Member

    querying for me, whats you banner link?
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    Steve Member

    seems to be working now
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    Thanks, what did you do ?

    Oh and is there a way to make only the no-ip adress showing and not the IP ?

    Bye :)
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    Steve Member

    Didnt do anything. The code will use the name if it fits so you would need a shorter name.
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    Okay, strange, thanks a lot !.

    Bye ;)
    And good job for this plugin.
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    Could you add an php api, that I can write my own Banners etc. for the Server?

    Thanks, moro
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    after that i changed the windows to win 7 the MinecraftViewer is always show offline :( WHAT TO DO???
    i tried to use only the plugin of MinecraftViewer but same result and i did shut down the firewall same result :(
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    I seem to be having an issue running this plugin on my Multiplay server. It shuts down randomly and doesn't restart. And I know I can just use to make a banner without the plugin but I require a vertical banner, and you guys don't make those yet.
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    asu cant tell by my sig its not working ... what do?
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    all it says when i make a banner is
    No response from server (timeout)
    Sorry we couldnt find your server. If the details below are correct you need to install the Minecraft Viewer Plugin on your server click here to find out how!
    and i had correctly followed the installation instructions!
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    I've got this installed correctly and also had my host forward UDP port 25565 and it's still giving me a "No response from server (timeout)." Any ideas? Does this plugin need an update?
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    Hm ^^
    My server appears to be online -> :). But there are always zero players displayed. It is not working any more since I switched my Server to another root (but same domain:

    Whats to do?
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    Looking forward to an CB1060 update! :D
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    Okay, so my dedicated server's host is telling me this about UDP port 25565...

    I have no firewall on and have installed the plugin correctly. I even get this in the game server console...

    00:58:20 [INFO] [MinecraftViewer] v1.0d Plugin Enabled.
    00:58:20 [INFO] [MinecraftViewer] Query running on

    So when I go to and enter my IP then Port I am still getting "No response from server (timeout)" as a response. Any ideas what could be wrong? Thanks!
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    in ur server properties change the name. it creates an entry in there also if ur not using port forwarding to ur server it wont work

    do u have it set to offlinr mode. cuz if u do it will always show that way like mine

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    Hi, i seem to be having a problem with this plugin.
    When i first used it it worked fine, a few weeks later it said it was offline, yet the server was online.
    Because of that i changed the listen port to 25566 then generated it again on the site, worked fine for a few weeks and now says that it is offline.
    There is no error output in xterm so I cannot determine what it is that is causing this.
    My mate's server has no problems though.
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    ye i got but never mind its working but its taking time some thing like 1-5 min after i start the server.
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    the website never finds my server.. just says timedout
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    Same here and I don't understand it.
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    My server can't install the plugin, does somebody know why ? It's like the plugin is not in the folder plugins. A message does not appear in the console
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    I'm running our server on a Virtual Dedicated Machine. Its running on the default port and I believe we have UDP open for that port.
    - Plugin is installed
    - Console says its enabled and running on 25565
    - ports are open
    - Turned the firewall off and still nothing
    Is there anything else I need to do? I can't get it to work.
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    did u set a name in ur server properties. do u have a static ip for ur virt machine
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    I set our name and yes we do :(

    I'll check the name again and make sure no one messed with our servers properties
    Edit: server-name= is set
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    offline mode?

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