Inactive [INFO] MinecraftViewer v1.0d - Generate Server Banners / Sig Images with live player stats [1.2.5+]

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    Steve Member

    MinecraftViewer - Generate Server Banners / Sig Images featuring live stats:
    Version: v1.0d

    This plugin works with to create banners & signature images for your Minecraft server featuring live stats graphs for your players, perfect for forum signatures :)

    Example Banners
    Small Banner - 350x20
    Large Banner - 560x95

    • Adds query protocol support to your Minecraft server
    • Works with to generate banner image featuring player stats graphs
    • Multiple Background Images to select from
    • Custom Background Images Supported
    • Supports Dynamic IP servers via DynDNS
    • *New* Native Support in Minecraft v1.0+ (no need for a plugin anymore)
    Getting Started - Minecraft Retail v1.0+
    1. Enable Query Support by setting enable-query=true in
    2. Visit to create and configure your server banners
    Getting Started - Old Beta Versions of Minecraft Only
    1. Download the CraftBukkit plugin
    2. Place the MinecraftViewer.jar in you server plugins directory
    3. Restart your server or reload the plugins with /reload
    4. Visit to create and configure your server banners
    Known Issues

    • IKVM's DatagramSocket handling functions are broken which prevents MinecraftViewer from working correctly, use a standard JRE instead of IKVM to fix.
    Version 1.0d
    • Added a potential fix for buggy JRE or possibly LINUX kernel not timing out socket receive calls, causing a shutdown hang.
    Version 1.0c
    • Added potential fix for buggy JRE closing UDP ports when receiving ICMP port unreachable packets
    Version 1.0b
    • Added debugging option to help support
    Version 1.0a
    • Added comma separator between world names for multi world servers
    Version 1.0
    • Initial release
    Also Available - Voice Comms Status Blocks

    If you like this you might also like which generates live status blocks for Teamspeak, Ventrilo & Mumble to embed on you website.

    Example Status Block generated by
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    Steve Member

    I you start it with debug enabled it will tell you e.g.
    12:48:11 [WARNING] [MinecraftViewer] Debugging is enabled, performance maybe reduced!
    12:48:11 [INFO] [MinecraftViewer] v1.0c Plugin Enabled.
    12:48:11 [INFO] [MinecraftViewer] Query running on
        port: 25565
    debug: true
    Looks fine to me did you restart the server after making the change? Also check to ensure your pointing at the right port, could be picking up another server.

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    great plugin but when my server has been offline for 5 - 20 seconds the banner keeps telling it is offline for a pretty long while :(
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    Steve Member

    Results are cached for 10mins, so if it loads while its offline you'll see that image for a while.
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    Right debugging is now on.

    04:06:48 [WARNING] [MinecraftViewer] Debugging is enabled, performance maybe reduced!
    04:06:48 [INFO] [MinecraftViewer] v1.0c Plugin Enabled.
    04:06:48 [INFO] [MinecraftViewer] Query running on
    Can you please look into why this isn't working, and not put it down to a firewall or router issue, as I have everything else working fine with port forwards and the firewall.
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    Steve Member

    When in debug it will log any attempt to talk to the port, so you need to look for additional [MinecraftViewer] entries. If you see none then you still have something preventing our systems from talking to the server, either firewall or NAT issue.
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    Custom banners still close? Really just waiting on that functionality before I use it...
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    Steve Member

    Yer I was really close but haven't had any spare time recently to finish it off :(

    Maybe this weekend with any luck
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    Right for like the third time, I have no firewall enabled on the server, its running ubuntu, and everything else works fine. Again on the router there is no firewall rules enabled to stop this from working. NAT filtering is setup and working, otherwise players wouldn't be able to connect.

    Any other ideas for what might be wrong? It did work at one point then it stopped once I updated past the initial version. Since b it hasn't worked at all. This makes me think if it worked in the past, how can it be an issue at my end because I haven't changed anything network config-wise.
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    Steve Member

    tcp != udp so even if your players can connect doesn't mean your config is working. If the plugin doesn't get the packets or cant send packets then the firewall / NAT is where the problem must lie I'm afraid.

    When debug is enabled the plugin will report all the packets it receives and the responses it tries to make, if your not seeing anything after start-up and don't have a firewall then NAT is where the problem must be.
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    Some problem here - banner is working for about 1 day - than server is displayed as offline with no players (using debian squeeze)

    > hostname is configured
    > tcp and udp port for minecraftviewer is open (hardware firewall)
    > no software firewall

    other banners like
    are working perfect

    My ip is changing once a day (
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    Steve Member

    That's your issue then, you need a proper host with a static IP for this to work currently.
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    Steve Member

    The big site update just went live which adds:-
    • More Standard Banner background images to select from
    • Customisable Colors for the 560x95 Banners
    • Custom Background Images for the 560x95 Banners
    • Support for Dynamic IP address servers via services like DynDNS
    Hope you like it, feedback as always welcome :)

    The site should now support dynamic IP's if you add your server now, let me know how you get on.

    Just been released :)

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    Not working for me.
    On the site it saids
    No response from server (down)
    Sorry we couldnt find your server. If the details below are correct you need to install the Minecraft Viewer Plugin on your server click here to find out how!

    and everything i entered is correct
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    Steve Member

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    The server is
    Im currently playing with other people so I know it works.
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    Steve Member

    Not that simple, the plugin uses UDP and not TCP like the server so you need to ensure your firewall is configured properly.

    Just checked manually and the queries are being rejected with ICMP "udp port 25565 unreachable" so you have a configuration issue on your end.
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    Ok i got it I found out the problem
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    Steve Member

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    Steve Member

    Just applied a update which should fix "Unable to move" when uploading custom banners.
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    Steve Member

    It now does this for the large banner, if the address fits of course. I people like it I'll update the small banner to do the same.

    Yep all done :)

    Not any more :)

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    awesome does it support ?
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    Steve Member

    Anything that supports dynamic IP -> DNS should work just fine :)
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    Well I can't use it as I lost the email to activate my account. Back when we did not need an account make the banner. So now I just changed my account password with recovery can't log in.
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    Steve Member
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    No I did that to renew my password the issue is that I never actually activated the account when I made it and I have not looked at the account for ages. After I reset the password I went to login and it told me the account needs activation and to check my email.

    I don't have any activation email thats what I ment It got lost between then and now.
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    Steve Member

    Ok if you use the account recover option again now it should fix you account, thanks for pointing that use case out, not something we've seen before ;-)
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    NP I did not even know that was an issue.
  30. Any way to have it not resolve hostname? i want it to display the hostname in the image, not the IP
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    Steve Member

    The large banner should display the hostname if it fits, otherwise it will drop back to the IP. It's a new feature so if your not seeing that let me know your server link and I'll have a dig.

    Not added this to the small banner yet, still waiting on peoples feedback ;-)

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