Inactive [INFO] MinecraftViewer v1.0d - Generate Server Banners / Sig Images with live player stats [1.2.5+]

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    Steve Member

    MinecraftViewer - Generate Server Banners / Sig Images featuring live stats:
    Version: v1.0d

    This plugin works with to create banners & signature images for your Minecraft server featuring live stats graphs for your players, perfect for forum signatures :)

    Example Banners
    Small Banner - 350x20
    Large Banner - 560x95

    • Adds query protocol support to your Minecraft server
    • Works with to generate banner image featuring player stats graphs
    • Multiple Background Images to select from
    • Custom Background Images Supported
    • Supports Dynamic IP servers via DynDNS
    • *New* Native Support in Minecraft v1.0+ (no need for a plugin anymore)
    Getting Started - Minecraft Retail v1.0+
    1. Enable Query Support by setting enable-query=true in
    2. Visit to create and configure your server banners
    Getting Started - Old Beta Versions of Minecraft Only
    1. Download the CraftBukkit plugin
    2. Place the MinecraftViewer.jar in you server plugins directory
    3. Restart your server or reload the plugins with /reload
    4. Visit to create and configure your server banners
    Known Issues

    • IKVM's DatagramSocket handling functions are broken which prevents MinecraftViewer from working correctly, use a standard JRE instead of IKVM to fix.
    Version 1.0d
    • Added a potential fix for buggy JRE or possibly LINUX kernel not timing out socket receive calls, causing a shutdown hang.
    Version 1.0c
    • Added potential fix for buggy JRE closing UDP ports when receiving ICMP port unreachable packets
    Version 1.0b
    • Added debugging option to help support
    Version 1.0a
    • Added comma separator between world names for multi world servers
    Version 1.0
    • Initial release
    Also Available - Voice Comms Status Blocks

    If you like this you might also like which generates live status blocks for Teamspeak, Ventrilo & Mumble to embed on you website.

    Example Status Block generated by
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    Steve Member

    Visit the site there, its all self explanatory :)

    P.S. Don't think quoting the entire OP was really needed ;-)
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    wow you really have to pay to get a banner thats fucking retared....
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    Steve Member

    lol where on earth did you get that from?

    On the home page it does say: Completely Free
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    ok just checkin
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    ^ ^ LOL

    you still working on this ?, any closer to custom banners and DNS support ?
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    Steve Member

    Haven't had chance to finish that off yet, other stuff has gotten in the way, but it is very close :)
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    so can you paste an image that you made yourself or do you have to use theirs..
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    Steve Member

    You'll be able to use your own images when the update is released.
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    you know when it will be bro?
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    Steve Member

    When I get a spare few hours to finish it off ;-)
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    Hey Steve,

    I have gone ahead and installed the plugin and it says it loaded with no problems, however, the website can't find my server. I have checked the firewall, both TCP and UDP is forwarded for 25565 and there is no NAT.

    Any ideas?

    Bukkit Build: 823 (Minecraft 1.6.6)

    OS: Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 X64

    Java: Java 6 Update 25 JDK X64 Using IKVM X64

    Plugin Version: v1.0b

    Server Address:
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    Steve Member

    I've checked manually and its right, your server isnt responding. You say 25565 UDP and TCP are forwarded and their is not NAT. Now silly question; if there is not NAT why / what are you forwarding?

    I'd definitely say its a firewall / NAT issue if the plugin is loading as it will respond on the game port given a query.

    You can test this by enabling debug in config.yml
    debug: true

    This will print a information to the server log / console if its seeing the incoming packets, so will confirm or deny if your network is configured and working properly.

    Hope this helps.
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    Your right it has been a long day and I made a typo. I meant to say I opened the ports on the Windows Firewall, and no, it is a dedicated server with five IP addresses, there is no NAT.

    Does it support a FQDN in the file?
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    Steve Member

    There's no option in the for a hostname, if you mean server-ip as indicated by its name it must be an ip, not a hostname, as it used for port binding.
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    I have a host name in it right now, this might be the problem.

    I checked my log, it was over a gigabyte in size. The plugging was continual spamming something similar to

    'WARNING: Unable to open socket' about 5 times in one second.

    I'll set up a test server and try it with just an IP, but DOES support a domain.

    Thanks for the feedback.


    No, I changed it to the IP address and still no luck.

    The console just spams:

    2011-06-07 21:47:48 [WARNING] [MinecraftViewer] Socket: Socket closed

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    Steve Member

    Not seen that one before, could you PM me the log please
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    Doesn't work :( I forwarded the Port on UDP but the website says 'No response from server (timeout)'
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    Steve Member

    Almost certainly either a firewall or incorrectly configured port forwarding I'm afraid.
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    The port is configured right. But i dont know about the Firewall becouse I'm on Mac, and you can only open ports for Programms and not Jar files. I'll try it tomorrow again without my Firewall.
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    Am still getting the banner saying the server is offline even though it is up and people are playing on it.
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    Steve Member

    That will again been a port forwarding / firewall issue I'm afraid.
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    Am sorry but no, the firewall and port forwarding works for everything else. Unless am blocking UDP, which I haven't specified. It worked before, it showed up as online. It would never have shown up as online if port forwarding wasn't setup properly.
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    I'll tryed it again without an active firewall and it does'nt worked :(
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    Steve Member

    Have your tried enabling debug by putting:
    debug: true
    in the config.yml?
    This will output additional debug which may help track down the issue your seeing.
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    Okay I stuck debug to true and I don't see anything except this:

    Generic UDP Socket exception: Socket closed
    Starting UDP listen server on port 25561
    The server is up with users online playing, yet the banner still says offline with no players.
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    Steve Member

    That's not from our plugin so sounds like you don't have the plugin installed properly or you have something installed which conflicts with it. Your not using IKVM are you?

    Post the full startup log on pastebin and link it here, might help identify an issue.
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    IKVM? A virtual machine? No its a box with Ubuntu on it.
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    Steve Member

    IKVM is an alternative JVM but its broken so just checking you weren't using that.
    1. 07:26:03 [INFO] [MinecraftViewer] v1.0c Plugin Enabled.
    2. 07:26:03 [INFO] [MinecraftViewer] Query running on
    So its running, but you haven't set an IP so if you have more than one IP that may cause problems. I don't see any debug messages so doesn't look like you enabled debug in plugins/MinecraftViewer/config.yml

    Its still most likely udp 25570 not being forwarded / allowed on your nat / firewall
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    I've double checked config.yml and "debug: true" is in there, no syntax errors or nothing. I've also checked my router and that port is forwarded for both TCP and UDP. And shouldn't not specifying an IP default to all IPs? At any rate, it shouldn't be a problem with not setting an IP, as it isn't anything complicated as you can see...
    IP - Protocol - Start Port - End Port - ALL - 25560 - 25580

    Everything else works, web server etc, I don't see how anything config-wise at my end would be causing this.
  31. When i make a banner it show everything right, exept the servername that is default, my server propetis look like this
    #Minecraft server properties
    #Wed Jun 22 13:10:39 CEST 2011
    Whats wrong?[creeper]

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